An ultra-right group harasses Iglesias during an act of United We Can in Coslada

A small group of far-rightists has tried this Tuesday to boycott an act of United We Can in Coslada (Madrid), as the confederal group has denounced through social networks. As can be seen in a video released by the training, about four people with neo-Nazi aesthetics who chant songs and make gestures typical of the extreme right, have tried to interrupt a meeting of the confederal group with a neighborhood association in the Madrid town.

Alberto Garzón: "There is a right wing led by Ayuso and Vox that makes the flag of inequality in Spain"

Alberto Garzón: “There is a right-wing led by Ayuso and Vox that makes the flag of inequality in Spain”

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In the act was the still vice president of the Government and candidate of United We Can to the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias, who, as can be seen in the images, has come to approach where this small group of ultras was while they they chanted “out the caste of our neighborhoods.” Finally, always according to that video, several police officers have come to the area to try to separate these extreme right-wing youth from the United We Can supporters who had approached them reproaching them for their attitude.

“Today a group of far-right violent people have come to try to intimidate us in a public act with an association of neighbors from Coslada. We will not accept any type of threat. Thank you, neighbors from Coslada,” the spokeswoman for Coslada tweeted. We can in the Community of Madrid, Isa Serra, in a message accompanied by the aforementioned video.

The incident would have occurred just a few hours after the end of the meeting of the Council of Ministers, the last in which Iglesias has participated as vice president since tomorrow he will be removed from office to be able to present himself as a candidate in Madrid.

In a video published on his Twitter profile, the leader of Podemos has been “proud” to finish his stage in the coalition Executive “fulfilling the commitment to rebuild the dependency care system, reversing the cuts of the PP.” “We have put the general interest first and we have managed to get the Government to confront it in a completely different way from how it was done in the past. Although I have also confirmed that in front of the Government there are oligarchies that exercise their power so that the institutions defend their interests and not those of the majority, “added the still second vice president.

“It is not bought from us and we are capable of building improvements for the social majority of our country. It has been an honor to be vice president of the Government of Spain and now I have to continue working where I think I can be most useful,” Iglesias said.


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