An ultra-australian party sought funding in the US arms lobby

An ultra-australian party sought funding in the US arms lobby

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison lashed out against the xenophobic One Nation party after a newspaper investigation revealed he sought funding from an influential US arms control group.

The Al Jazeera network last night showed recordings of hidden cameras in which top Nación officials were asking for 20 million dollars in donations to the National Rifle Association (NRA) in exchange for easing the strict laws on land tenure. weapons in Australia.

"Reports that senior representatives of Una Nación sought political donations from the US arms lobby to influence our elections and undermine the arms laws that keep us safe are deeply troubling," Morrison said on his Twitter account.

"The laws of Australia are the best in the world thanks to John Howard and we will not change them Thanks to our government, laws have been implemented to penalize those who receive foreign political donations, so foreign lobbyists can not influence our policies "added the president.

Morrison was referring to the gun control reform implemented during the Howard administration after the 1996 Port Arthur (Tasmania) massacre, which killed 35 people, as well as the laws implemented last year against foreign interference after some denunciations of donations to local politicians.

In his research Al Jazeera created a fake arms group called the Right to Arms Australia led by an alleged leader, Rodger Muller, who recorded the meetings for three years.

The report did not provide evidence to indicate whether Una Nación obtained funds from the NRA or from other groups dedicated to funding conservative initiatives in the United States such as Koch Industries.

Speaking to the ABC network, Una Nación said the party "always complies with the law" and "supports the right to ownership of legal weapons."


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