An ultimatum to Tui to tear down the pyrotechnics of the owner of the warehouse that exploded

An ultimatum to Tui to tear down the pyrotechnics of the owner of the warehouse that exploded

The Court of Contentious Administrative 1 of Pontevedra has given a month to the City of Tui to proceed to the demolition of the pyrotechnic La Gallega, owned by the owner of the illegal store of pyrotechnic material that exploded last May and killed two people and destroyed dozens of homes.

In a car, the judge grants a "final and non-extendible term" to the Tudense corporation to proceed to demolish these facilities in the parish of Baldráns, and thus give effect to a sentence of three years ago that condemned her to carry out this action.

Remember that in May 2017 the forced execution of that sentence was urged and since then the mayor of Tui, Carlos Vázquez Padín, has been imposed with personal coercive fines of 300 and 1,500 euros.

The judge considers that "at this point the timetable can not be accepted" that has been transferred by the City Council to comply with the sentence because it was "too long in time".

Especially when considering "the danger that entails for public safety" the activity of pyrotechnics, which acts as a warehouse "clandestinely and illegally", since it lacks the mandatory urban planning licenses.

It abounds in that "given the urgency, gravity and urgency of the matter, one month is more than enough time" for the demolition of these facilities, and that it is not necessary to give more margin to the owners to do the same voluntarily, but rather The corporation must do so directly as a subsidiary manager.

For this purpose, it determines that the Local Police of Tui and the explosives unit of the Civil Guard have ten days to enter the premises, either with the permission of the owners or by force.

And it also specifies that the Tedax will move and eliminate the pyrotechnic or explosive material that is inside, prior to the demolition of the facilities.

The owner of the pyrotechnics, Francisco GL, remains in provisional detention since last May, after appearing for the second time before the judge when other clandestine warehouses of pyrotechnic material similar to the one that exploded and killed a Moroccan-born couple were discovered. He left two children orphans.

In addition, the deflagration of some 1,600 kilos of pyrotechnic material, according to the estimates of the Civil Guard, which was felt for several miles around, injured another 37 people.


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