An orangutan tries to help a man by thinking he was trapped

The man was an NGO worker responsible for the conservation of this species in Borneo

It is the image that is going around the world. An orangutan offered his help to a man who was trapped in a swampy area of ​​Borneo Island. The image was made by Anil Prabhakr, who according to account Daily Mail, was on an island safari, in the company of a group of friends.

The photographer said that the man was a worker at Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, an NGO responsible for the conservation of this species in Borneo, and that he did not grab the animal's hand as a precaution, since it is a wild species that lives in freedom .

The organization assured the photographer that the man knew that "there was a snake in the river and cleared the bushes." “Orangutans in pre-liberation islands have gone through the rehabilitation process and their behaviors are like their wild cousins. They can be dangerous, and the contact is properly kept to a minimum, ”said the organization.


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