An open mic plays Sonsoles Ónega and his HARD opinion on Antonio David is heard

Few are the times that Sonsoles Onega usually expresses his opinion on current issues but, on this occasion, an open mic has made the audience know what is your thought about one of the most controversial current figures of recent months: Anthony David Flores.

The former civil guard continues to dominate all the media headlines for his family comings and goings, especially after it was leaked his alleged separation from Marta Riesco and his latest attempts to resume his relationship with Olga Moreno.

While commenting on 'Ya es Noon Fresh' the couple's latest movements, the program broadcast a video in which Anthony David Flores referred to the media with some very unpleasant words that have unleashed a profound discomfort in the presenter. Rocío Flores' father referred to journalists as "meat grinders" considering himself the victim of constant beating by colleagues who want to get new declarations of Marta Riesco's new love.

A definition that aroused Ónega's anger and that, thinking that his microphone was closed, he relaxed with his co-stars and released a sentence with which he sentenced the former collaborator of Save me.

sharp and clear

Before the open microphone played a trick on him, Sonsoles addressed the former civil guard to make his words ugly. "He talks about the media as meat grinders. When did you decide to call them that, darling? Because of course, in the end... Not only has he worked here, he has provoked it. And I'm going to shut up."

At this moment, in those seconds before the broadcast of a video, it was possible to hear how an angry Sonsoles told her colleagues her opinion about Antonio David. "Says the professional meat grinder", the communicator was heard saying.

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