August 12, 2020

An old man goes to jail for femicide, the eightieth of the year in Bolivia

A Bolivian judge on Tuesday ordered the preventive detention of Eduardo L.L., an old man accused of murdering his 75-year-old wife, the eightieth case of femicide in Bolivia so far this year.

"I have not hit anything, but we have seized, we have fallen both," the man told the media after leaving a hearing in the courts of La Paz that ended with the ruling of his imprisonment.

The man admitted that there was a struggle between them and that as a result he fell from the front and the woman from behind, hitting his head, but denied that there was an aggression on his part.

The incident between the couple occurred on July 23, but the prosecution's version is that it was actually a fight and deliberate aggression, according to the statement offered by the victim, María P., when still I was alive.

Initially, after a forensic assessment it was declared that the victim had about eight days of disability, but then had complications, so she was admitted and operated in a hospital in La Paz.

Following these complications in her health, the Prosecutor's Office resolved to extend the complaint against her husband for the alleged crime of attempted feminicide.

Due to severe head injuries, the woman had 90 days of disability, however, she died last Saturday.

Given the number of femicides reported in Bolivia, the country's president, Evo Morales, said on Tuesday at a press conference the need to "make an evaluation or a study" to determine if violence against women has actually increased.

"I have doubts," said the president when he raised the dilemma of whether cases are on the rise or is that they are actually made more visible by the rules that now allow denouncing such situations of violence.

Since 2013, Bolivia has had a law that punishes feminicide with 30 years in prison, the maximum penalty of Bolivian legislation.

Feminist organizations have repeatedly claimed that, despite having that norm, greater state budgets and trained personnel are required to combat sexist violence more effectively.

Last week Morales participated in a mobilization with the president of the General Assembly of the United Nations, the Ecuadorian María Fernanda Espinosa, to demonstrate against violence against women.

The Bolivian Executive has created a cabinet aimed at dealing with cases of violence against women and children and has proposed legal reforms to make Justice more agile to deal with those cases.

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