An off-duty cop rescues an elderly man trapped between the platform and the train car

An off-duty cop rescues an elderly man trapped between the platform and the train car

It was 8:30 p.m. on December 26th. Teresa and Sergio returned from seeing their son, admitted to the Ramón y Cajal, and they were getting ready to get off the train car at the El Escorial station, where the couple has a small house. Without knowing how or why, Sergio, 79, stumbled and fell to the train tracks. It was wedged between the train of Cercanías and the platform.

Teresa, his wife, panicked and a group of people who were on that platform They started shouting at the engineer so he would not start the train. The outcome would have been terrible. The screams echoed throughout the station. «There was no one at that time, there were only security people and I panicked», Teresa counts.

Despite the fact that this group of people tried to get Sergio out of the way, there was no way, as it was a man of a great magnitude that is around one hundred kilos. «I did not see anything, just a group of people pulling him and trying to get him out, but there was no way»Remember his wife.

And so an "angel" appeared, this is what Teresa describes. An off-duty national policeman who arrived at the scene and managed to get Sergio out. His name is David and he works in a police station in the center district of Madrid, but for Teresa and Sergio it will always be his «angel».

Once out of danger, the Samur arrived, immobilized Sergio and transferred him to Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Madrid where He remained for a day and a half under observation. He suffered traumatisms and bruises, but it is already in your home.

David, the hero of this story, has been concerned at all times about the state of Sergio and Teresa and plans to go see them. He also suffered damage to one hand and had to go to the doctor. He still does not know where he got the strength to get this man out when a group of people could not. But, as your doctor told you, in urgent situations one gets the strength from anywhere.

"I have no words to thank David for what he did that day," says Teresa. And he does not want to forget all those who gave them help at such a delicate moment, including a girl who did not leave her at all times.


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