Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

An NGO denounces "accelerated" deforestation in a giant area of ​​the Brazilian Amazon

An NGO denounces "accelerated" deforestation in a giant area of ​​the Brazilian Amazon

More than 8,500 hectares of forest, the equivalent of 10 million trees, collapsed between January and February of this year in the Xingu watershed, a giant ecosystem in the Brazilian Amazon with an area similar to that of Spain, according to the report. Monday an NGO.

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According to the environmental organization Instituto Socioambiental de la Amazonia (ISA), the advance of agribusiness, the illegitimate occupation of land and the construction of illegal roads have contributed to the "accelerated" destruction of the vegetation of that ecosystem.

According to the NGO, the rate of destruction in the Xingu basin during the first two months of the year was 54% faster than that registered during the same period of 2018. "On average, 170,000 trees were broken down per day," said the organization in a statement.

The Xingu river basin covers some 53 million hectares and is located towards the north of Brazil between the states of Pará and Mato Grosso, in the Amazonian hydrographic region.

Of this total, 27 million hectares correspond to the Xingu Corridor of Socio-Environmental Diversity, which includes 21 indigenous reserves and ten conservation units.

According to the NGO, deforestation on indigenous lands was reduced in December by heavy rains, compared to the last months of 2018.

However, the same did not happen during the first two months of the year, when the increase in deforestation rates was "significant" in relation to the same period of the previous year.

According to the ISA, the destruction of the forest grew 221% in January with respect to the same month of the previous year, and, for February, the rate reached 361% more than what was detected in 2018.

"This accelerated increase in deforestation in (the region) of Xingu runs over the laws, does not respect the protected territories and their populations, and seriously threatens indigenous communities and isolated groups," denounced the organization.

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon registered an increase of 13.7% between August 2017 and July 2018, period in which the largest rainforest in the world lost a total area of ​​7,900 square kilometers, equivalent to about 1,185 million trees, according to the National Institute of Space Research (Inpe), responsible for the monitoring of its plant cover.

According to the international environmental organization Greenpeace, the area lost in the Brazilian Amazon due to deforestation in those two months is equivalent to 987,500 football fields.


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