An Italian tourist contracts monkeypox, covid and HIV at the same time

The man began to feel bad nine days after returning from a trip to Spain

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Italian man, 36 years old, He has become the first person to test positive for covid, monkeypox and HIV.

On July 11 he was already discharged
after overcoming covid-19. His case has become known thanks to a report published in the
'Journal of Infections'a scientific journal.

The man was in Spain
between June 16 and 20where he claims to have had unprotected sex,
12 days later in Italy, he tested positive for covid.

His situation began to get complicated when the vesicles spread and became pustules (small superficial cavities of the skin filled with pus). So he
July 5 was transferred to the University Hospital of San Marcoin Catania, to the Infectious Diseases plant, where the pertinent analyzes were carried out, and which resulted in:
positive for monkeypox and HIV.

Blood tests served to determine that the infection was recent, which has made this Italian man the
first person to be infected at the same time of these three diseases.

The patient is already recovering at home.

Regarding his state of health, there was a certain
uncertainty since, as there was no precedent, it was not possible to know if this combination could worsen the patient's health status.
Neverthelessonce his skin lesions were healed, he ended up receiving a medical discharge on July 11, to continue his recovery from his home.

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