March 5, 2021

An Irish minor with a disability disappears in Malaysia

Malaysian police are looking for a French-Irish minor with special needs who disappeared Sunday from her hotel in a nature reserve near Kuala Lumpur, sources close to the family said Tuesday.

Nóra Quoirin, 15, has been missing for more than 24 hours, so her family fears that she has been kidnapped from The Dusan hotel where they stayed in a nature reserve in the province of Negeri Sembilan, about 60 kilometers south of Kuala Lumpur .

Lucie Blackman Trust, a British NGO that is helping the family in the search for the child, said in a statement that the family discovered that he was not in his room early Sunday morning and that the window was open.

Her father was the first to give the alarm about the disappearance and then she was an aunt, Aisling Agnew, who in the social networks asked for help to find the child, who was last seen on Saturday night.

"Nóra is a girl with special needs, and she has a developmental and learning disability that makes her especially vulnerable … Nóra would not know how to ask for help and would not leave her family voluntarily. Now we consider it a police case," Aisling Agnew said, according to the NGO note.

Matthew Searly, director of the NGO, said it is "possible" that the young woman has been the victim of a kidnapping, so she urged the authorities to deploy all her resources to locate her and the public to share information about the case.

"She is a young vulnerable girl missing in a remote place," Searly said in the statement on the Lucie Blackman Trust Facebook page, which is dedicated to supporting and investigating cases of missing persons.

Police officers with dogs and volunteers participate in the search for Quoirin in the natural site next to the Titiwangsa mountain range.

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