An intense rain causes more than 30 incidents in the capital of Gran Canaria - La Provincia

An intense rain causes more than 30 incidents in the capital of Gran Canaria - La Provincia

The rain appeared at four o'clock in the afternoon, but it was around eight o'clock when it was unloaded with relative force. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria lived yesterday its first rainy day with some intensity of autumn, which left 13 liters per square meter in a matter of four hours and caused more than thirty incidents such as sewer breakage, traffic accidents or the fall of rubble. The forecasts point to the presence of new rainfall during the day today, although the weather could worsen over the next week.

The main incidents had to do with sewerage because up to four of the covers that cover the sanitation network were lifted by the accumulated water, all in the lower part of the city. One of them, located in the neighborhood of San Nicolás, caused damage to at least three vehicles, as indicated by municipal sources. Likewise, falls of rubble were recorded in the San José promenade and Luis Doreste Silva street. There were also incidents with the lighting. The stations of the capital collected the intensity of rainfall. Thus, the one located in the plaza de The fair accumulated between four and nine 13.7 liters per square meter, of which 8.3 fell between 20 and 21 hours; and the one that is in San Cristobal recorded 7.3. These figures, however, were lower than those collected in Agaete with 18 liters, Valleseco with 16 or Teror with 14.4.

The rains will go further, according to the prónósticos of the State Meteorological Agency, which foresees, for today Saturday, unvarying temperatures, but some precipitations that can locally moderate in the interior of Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Palma. For Sunday morning, more showers, that the Aemet places again in areas of the interior, and with cloudy intervals in the skies of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, but with temperatures that will not change, while the wind begins to roll from the south.

A fact, this one, which is key to situate the panorama that can be drawn from Monday, day in which although the precipitations, "weak or with low intensity showers", are located almost exclusively in the islands of the Eastern province, "with a low probability of being locally strong", only withdrew from the province of Las Palmas to return on Tuesday with some more force. In fact, and with the precaution of several days, is aimed at the return of rain of some intensity, with the possibility of arriving accompanied by storms, something that the models of the different agencies ratify with a time that, on paper, it is augured scrambled.


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