An Instagram redesign scares its users – The Province

The social networkInstagramhas wanted to close the year with achange of image and design,something that has come to frighten some of its users. Specifically, to those who use the applicationthrough an iOS device.And it is that, Instagram has been carrying out different tests in search of a new design of the interface. Something that has not liked everyone.

With the new changes,the photographs hanging on the platform were not arranged vertically,just as they did before. The user had to swipe to the right to see the new publications, as was done in the stories of this same platform.

Instagram users with iOS device have been quick to spread the information by other social networks. There have also been many criticisms that have been read, especially from those users who tend to bother with the novel changes in social networks that can become difficult to use them regularly.

But nevertheless,those opposed to this new modification can rest assured, since it was only a test that has escaped from the hands of the social network. According to the CEO of Instagram,Adam Mosseri, through several tweets "it was supposed to be a very small test, but we went beyond what we expected".

Soon, Mosseri himself explained thatthe changes should have already been reversed, with what the application will continue to work in the way it had been doing before this last update.


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