An inmate kills another man a few hours after entering prison

An inmate kills another man a few hours after entering prison

A 28-year-old man who was admitted to the Soto del Real prison in Madrid, accused of attempting to kill a private security guard, has killed another 55-year-old prisoner who had been assigned by the prison as a support inmate for his first incarceration. hours in the penitentiary.

Prison sources have told Efe that the events occurred around 21:00 hours yesterday in prison when, for reasons being investigated, the alleged murderer, who had entered at dawn in Soto del Real, began a discussion with the victim, a 55-year-old man convicted of drug trafficking.

Although the fight began outside the cell, it was inside the cell where the alleged aggressor, expert in martial arts, gave him several blows, added sources consulted, who have indicated that officials found the man lying in the ground in very serious condition and alerted 112.

The health services of the SUMMA that went to the prison verified that the victim had a traumatic brain injury and facial blows. Although they tried to revive him, the prisoner died before arriving at the hospital.

The sources consulted have detailed that the alleged aggressor had a few hours in pretrial detention for an attempted murder after a brawl in the Madrid subway, where he also beat her with a security guard.

When dealing with his first admission to prison, the alleged attacker was assigned a prisoner of accompaniment, a usual practice for cases of new arrivals to prison whose goal is for the support inmate to help the "new" to get used to the prison regime.

The sources consulted have added to Efe that the alleged homicide has been transferred to the isolation module and that it will be the judge on duty who will foreseeably take his statement in the next few hours.


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