Thu. Apr 9th, 2020

An Indonesian water park covers the breasts of its statues

Un parque acuático de Indonesia cubre los pechos de sus estatuas

A water park of Indonesia is in the spotlight after it has covered the breasts of some statues to "respect the oriental values". Visitors who have come this week to Ancol Dreamland They have been surprised to see striking yellow tops on the figures of stone sirens that are scattered throughout the park.

Many have asked themselves who had forced them to do something like this, since the statues had long been in place and until now there had been no complaints about them.

It is purely a management agreement and there is no external pressure "

In front of the commotion on the Internet for the measure, the directors themselves have said that they have never claimed that it was their own decision. The spokeswoman of the park, Rika LestariHe assured the BBC that "this is purely a management agreement and there is no external pressure".

Lestari explained to the press that the sudden change is due to the fact that they want to focus their target on the families, so they have decided to be more "respectful". "We are in the process of changing ourselves to become a family amusement park."

The sculptor who created the sirens, Dolorosa SinagaHe also contacted the BBC of Indonesia to defend his work, insisting that, with this new norm, the public has been denied "beauty and art."

[Con esta nueva norma], "Beauty and art have been denied to the public"

The chain has asked live to visitors who have come to the park on Wednesday. One mother acknowledged that it was "rare to see pieces of art covered in that way". Another young man explained that the park "is located next to the beach, and they are sirens, and you would not see a mermaid covered in cloth like that."

It is not the first time that a work of art has caused moral outrage. Last year, India imprisoned a man for publishing satirical tweets about erotic sculptures in a temple. Finally, he was pardoned.

In 2016, the Iranians mocked Italy for covering nude statues during the state visit of President Hassan Rouhani, thanking them sarcastically for "saving Islam."

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