Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

An indiscretion leaves the throne of Jesus naked

‘MYHYV’: Una indiscreción deja al desnudo el trono de Jesús

Women and men and vice versa (MYHYV) could lose another one of his Tronists. After Noelia's final this Tuesday it is now the turn of Jesus, to which a confidence It can cost you dearly. So much so, that her pretends are already packing to leave the chair of the program of love presented by Toñi Moreno. Did they run out of love before using it?

The story has been the following. Carmen and Imi have assured that they had a confidence of their tronista. It was a video, an Instagram live show in which his tronista was lying on a sofa, without a shirt or pants and covered with a blanket. This video was uploaded by a girl ... and that's where the controversy begins.

Three pretends threaten to leave the program

He has justified himself by assuring that he was partying and that It's all decontextualized. According to him, he started to get sick after a night of partying and was moved to a house where later on many people started arriving. It was then when he decided to join and it was recorded. But it is true?

The tronista insists on emphasizing his innocence but his pretends do not believe him. In fact, the program this Thursday is predisposed extremely moved by the possible abandonment of several girls. In fact, Manyara, Carmen and Imi have already announced that they will. Will they finish by consummating their threat?

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