April 10, 2021

An Indian label threatens the reign of the Swedish PewDiePie as the most followed channel on YouTube | The Tuboteca Blog

An Indian label threatens the reign of the Swedish PewDiePie as the most followed channel on YouTube | The Tuboteca Blog

T-Series became in February of last year in the channel of Youtube most seen of the planet, easily surpassing its immediate pursuers and thus giving a serious notice of the change of powers that was coming on the most important video platform on the Internet. The next goal of this company born in 1983, originally from India and the largest in the music sector of the country as well as the universe Bollywood, is to unseat the youtuber PewDiePie and to its channel of the first position in terms of number of followers.

It is expected that the change will occur before December, according to the forecasts of the Social Blade website: only 400,000 users are the "lifesaver" that still keeps the Swede ahead of its competitor, who in the last month has already managed to capture almost 4,000,000 new fans The young man, aged 29, has been hoarding one of the rankings most appreciated on YouTube. It has always maintained a considerable distance with other historical youtubers as The Rubius or the Chilean Germán Garmendia, both below 35 million followers.

The expected sorpasso It is still live on YouTube. Several channels mark the countdown and show the loss or gain of followers by both contestants. With the eloquent title Who will win? the FlareTV account has been retransmitting the count for two months. This Wednesday, November 14, registered at around twelve noon Spanish time 70,390,000 users hooked to the channel of the gamer Swedish and 69,990,000 loyal to T-Series (more than double that only 11 months ago).

However, a PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, does not seem to "care too much" and thinks that the current trend of YouTube is to turn to "more corporate" content, according to one of his videos issued in October. In it, a Twitter user asked if it seemed right to be outdone by the Indian company. PewDiePie He evaded the direct response, but criticized the strategy followed by YouTube, which in his opinion encourages "that youtubers sell to corporations. "

In any case, the youtuber it has attacked, albeit indirectly, its rival. The young man has insured that has received many messages from users denouncing "the creation of new YouTube accounts that subscribe automatically to the Indian channel". Kjellberg maintains that this fact would explain "how T-Series obtains so many subscribers although, as a rule, its contents do not exceed 200,000 visits".

However, the presence of the Swede has also had its controversial moments and its ups and downs. Especially, after accusations of anti-Semitism after publishing a video in February of 2017 – by which Disney broke the contract that maintained with him-and for proffering racist insults while competing with other players. According Forbes, the Swede lost 20% of profits last year due to the withdrawal of several advertisers. At the moment, it holds the pull before the almighty Indian music industry on the Internet.

T-Series is one of the most important film studios in the Bollywood industry. The channel has more than 50,000 million views and an extensive selection of video clips and movie soundtracks. The weight of the Indian record company in the video platform has skyrocketed, especially in recent times, just when Internet access has expanded the most in the Asian country. It is estimated that for 2021 to 830 million people in the Asian country (60% of the total) will be connected to the network of networks.


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