September 19, 2020

An improvised landfill – La Provincia

In May 2018, doing a walk through the south of Gran Canaria, I could see and photograph a lot of some 50 paper reels large and several hundred kilos each. In addition, we are also in the same place with dozens of uralite tubes, highly polluting material and very harmful to health, and with a lot of stacked and messy wooden pallets in very bad condition.

The remains of the pruning of fruit trees also have their cemetery here with a high volume of kilos of fruit that is thrown into the ravine.

I am surprised that these materials have remained in the area since May 2018. They continued in January 2019, and I have verified in September this year that the waste has not decreased, but has increased because the fruit turnover has been continued in time.

This makeshift landfill is located at 800 meters from kilometer 30 of the G.C. 604 road, right next to a golf course and just over one km from the Sheraton Gran Canaria Hotel and the Salobre Golf urbanization.

For all the above, I could make many comments, but you better watch the video and it is you who think, think and ask for responsibilities to whom it may concern.

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