An imperial Ricky Rubio achieves, with 37 points, his best scoring mark in the NBA

Rubio's previous scoring mark was at 34 points with the Utah Jazz.

Rubio’s previous scoring mark was at 34 points with the Utah Jazz.

The Spanish base Ricky Rubio lived his great night since he arrived in the NBA this Sunday when on the legendary Madison Square Garden track He exhibited the best qualities of his “showtime” game that allowed him to score 37 points and lead his new Cleveland Cavaliers team to a landslide 109-126 victory against the Knicks.

Rubio, who remained the Cavaliers’ sixth man, posted his best professional touchdown by scoring 13 of 19 shots from the field, including 8 of 9 triples, and 3 out of 3 from the staff line.

The El Masnou player came out on the court on fire and during the 31 minutes he played he was unstoppable for the Knicks defense who saw how Rubio scored the first four shots he made from outside the perimeter.

But if his scoring inspiration was the best since he arrived in the NBA, his presence under the hoops was with three defensive rebounds, and nothing to say about his contribution in the direction of the game by distributing another 10 assists that gave him double-double at the end of the game.

Rubio’s previous scoring record was 34 points when he played with the Utah Jazz and they faced the San Antonio Spurs in 2018.

“When the ball goes in, it seems like you’re making the right plays,” Rubio said at the end of the game. “But it’s not about scoring. It’s about (taking) the right path, (going) the right (path) every time.”

Rubio said he was happy with the individual brand, but above all because the team is on the right track, winning, maturing and becoming more competitive.

“That’s what it’s all about, improving a little more every day and seeking the maximum performance that all the players can contribute to the team,” Rubio stressed.

Rubio’s brilliant performance allowed the Cavaliers to have a winning record of 7-4 after having achieved the fourth consecutive win.


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