September 28, 2020

An image shows the hidden colors of the Moon – The Province

An image shows the hidden colors of the Moon - The Province

Shortly after publishing amazing images of the Moon in its perigee, the astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy He has once again surprised the world with a new image. The snapshot consists of more than 150,000 overlapping photos that show the hidden colors that hide in the satellite.

This chromatic scale, which ranges from the intense orange to the electric blue, shows the minerals found on the Moon according to their concentration. A palette of colors impossible to perceive at a glance From the earth.

The famous scientific popularizer Álex Riveiro, He tried in his Twitter profile to clarify the doubts of the users who were surprised with the image. "There are quite a few of you who have asked me about this photograph of an astrophotographer named Andrew McCarthy, which is the result of 150,000 photographs of the Moon, but is it a real representation of our satellite? To some extent, in fact, yes it is"

As explained by Riveiro himself, the Moon has the look we see every night, although that does not mean that the picture of Andrew McCarthy is wrong. These colors exist to a certain extent, since it involves the concentration of various minerals, but our eyes are not so sensitive to color and that's why we do not see them.

"If we could see the colors in a much more intense way, we would surely see something similar to that spectacular image", states Riveiro.


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