An ice cream parlor in the Canary Islands competes for a place in the world final

Eloido Aguilera Quintana from the Fratelli Gelato Ice Cream Shop in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Eloido Aguilera Quintana from the Fratelli Gelato Ice Cream Shop in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The Fratelli Gelato ice cream parlor, from Eloido Aguilera Quintana, on Santa Cruz of Tenerife, will compete together with eight other establishments from all over Spain competes to obtain one of the two places that are disputed to be in the world final of the Gelato Festival World Masters, the international competition that since 2017 travels the world in search of the best ice cream flavors. Aguilera Quintana will compete with taste Thousand and one Night.

June 29 in Bologna, Italy, at the headquarters of the Gelato Museum, the world's first museum dedicated to the social and technological history of artisan ice cream, will take place the final dedicated to Spain, where a jury of selected experts will decide which of the 9 competing ice cream parlors will be able to go to the final, for which there are only 2 finalist spots available. The event will be developed in a hybrid way, through live digital broadcasting and evaluation by the jury after tasting in person to guarantee maximum security.

The event, despite the stoppage of the pandemic, has managed to publicize the flavors of more than 2,500 ice cream makers and is organized in collaboration with Carpigiani Gelato University, the international ice cream school with 20 campuses in 19 countries around the world, and Sigep, the most important professional fair in the world dedicated to artisan ice cream and organized by Italian Exhibition Group.

Here is the list of the 9 best ice cream parlors in Spain whose flavors will compete on June 29 at the Gelato Museum to access the 2 places available for the World Final:

Daniel Pérez Fernández from the Artisan Ice Cream Shop El Asturiano de Luarca (ES) with a «Tutti-frutti» flavor

Eloido Aguilera Quintana from the Fratelli Gelato ice cream parlor in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (ES) with a "One Thousand and One Night" flavor.

Davinia and Paqui Pradas Borrego from the Helanna Ice Cream Shop in El Puerto de Santa María (ES) with "Dolce far niente" flavor

Antonio Carrillo Varona and Francisco José Benites Palacios de la Pastelería 121 Degrees from Palomares del Río (Seville, ES) with a «Rosemary and lemon ice cream» flavor

Carlo Guerriero from La Cremería Italian Gelato from Cádiz (ES) «Creamy with fragrant wine»

Jeremías Carmona Pineda from the El Distinguido Ice Cream Shop in Los Palacios and Villafranca (ES) with «Fusion Rice» flavor

Antonio Blanco Zambrano from the Vistamar Ice Cream Parlor in Torrox Costa (ES) with a "Summer Dream" flavor

Fernando Alberdi from the Dona Doni ice cream parlor in Guetaria (ES) with "Mango Ezpeleta" flavor

Maurizio Melani from the Veneta Gelato Italiano Ice Cream Parlor in Puerto de Sagunto (Valencia, ES) with «Paradise» flavor

The innovative "hybrid" mode will allow the event to be held safely:

  • The ice cream makers will send the mixes and ingredients for the decoration and the different varieties of flavor through special refrigerated shipments.

  • The teachers of the Carpigiani Gelato University will be in charge of freezing the ice cream under the supervision of the competitors, who will be directly connected to the production laboratory.

  • A jury of professionals of the Committee of the World Cup of Ice Cream will proceed to give its assessment, connected in real time with the ice cream maker that has proposed the corresponding flavor.

  • The ice cream maker, connected from his ice cream shop, will describe his creation in detail and must tell how the idea was born, how he selected the ingredients and why he wanted to present it in the contest.

The activities of the jury will be able to be seen on June 29 by live video on the Gelato Festival Europa Facebook page and on the Gelato Festival Youtube

As regards Italy, the second semi-final, in which 76 ice cream makers will participate, will be held in September 2021. The Italian final with 16 participants is scheduled for October 2021. The World Final will be held in December 2021. Media partner: IT Point, Food Professional Network, Gelato Artigianale, Tutto Gelato, Arte Heladero, Przegląd Piekarski i Cukierniczy.

The Gelato Festival debuted in Florence in 2010 inspired by the first ice cream recipe, created by the versatile architect Bernardo Buontalenti in 1559. Since then, the event has crossed borders, expanding first throughout Italy and then Europe, and from 2017 also in the United States, having held a total of 64 festivals before reaching the entire planet with the world championship of the Gelato Festival World Masters in 2021.


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