January 23, 2021

An FBI report warned of extremists’ plans to provoke “a war” on Capitol Hill

A day before the assault on the US Congress building, a Virginia FBI office issued an internal warning noting that extremists were preparing to commit acts of violence and “war,” according to an internal document that has been held. exclusive access to The Washington Post.

“As of January 5, the Norfolk FBI office received information indicating the existence of calls for violence in response to the ‘illegal confinements’ that would begin on January 6 and 2021 in Washington DC,” the document states. “An online discussion addressed calls for violence, including statements such as’ get ready to fight. Congress has to hear broken glass, kicked doors and blood spilled from its BLM and Pantifa slave soldiers. [peyorativo de Antifa]. Be violent. Stop calling this a march or protera. Be prepared for war, ‘”he adds.

This information contradicts the statements of a senior FBI official who pointed out that the agency had no intelligence pointing to this violent drift of the demonstration in favor of Trump.

An FBI agent close to the document has told the US newspaper that 45 minutes after learning of the alarming online conversation, the Norfolk office wrote the report and shared it with others in the agency. The information was passed on to FBI members in the Washington office the day before, the source maintains.

The document in question states that the information represents the view of the Norfolk FBI office, that it is not “definitively evaluated intelligence” and that the agencies receiving it are asked “not to take action based on this gross uncoordinated report. prior with the FBI. ”

“The individuals and organizations named in this [informe de situación] participate in activities protected by the first amendment of the Constitution, “the document maintains.” Its inclusion is not intended to associate the protected activity with any crime or threat to national security. “” However, based on intelligence and historical observations, it is possible that the protected activity invites a violent reaction. ”


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