Fri. Aug 23rd, 2019

An extronista of 'MYHYV' denounces harassment in a parking lot

Una extronista de ‘MYHYV’ denuncia acoso en un parking

"I am going to tell you something that has happened to me and the truth is that it has scared me a lot". With these words I started Ruth Basauri, extronist Women and men and vice versa (MYHYV
), the introduction of a very unpleasant story that has happened recently and that has taken place in a parking.

"I've been to Bilbao and when I entered the parking lot I found a guy who was riding in a car and told me how beautiful", he narrated through an Instagram Stories collected by Outdoor. "I looked at him with a look of disgust that you flip because the guys who go down the street and eat you give me a lot of asquito", Added this, scared but relaxed after the incident.

"I was all the time circling inside the parking lot, in the underground, following me"

"He got into the parking lot where I was with my car parked, I did not park and was all the time circling inside the parking lot, in the underground, following me" This was how the survivor of MYHYV continued to narrate the incident that had taken place. A moment before which he has called his boyfriend as security. "I asked him to please not to hang up my phone because this was happening to me. It was giving me a fear that you shit! "

According to the Basque narrator, "I was getting a burden on my body that I have even put on a sweat, it was fatal, I was scared ". In the end, he says, "I've gotten in my car and I'm gone." But had the boy who was in the parking lot disappeared?

"I was scared"

"When I was a while and I've already seen that he was not following me and I was calm, I could leave now and nothing was going to happen, I hung up the phone ", Ruth Basauri continued in her Instagram story.

This is how the extronista de Mujeres y hombres narrated and vice versa (MYHYV) this unpleasant incident. An experience before which has stressed that it is very annoying to receive some compliments on the street and on what has insisted that "people have to have a respect." "It's good that they call you beautiful and you smile, but with joy and grace, but in that plan that you are still slobbering, please, no ", has sentenced.


(Ruth MyHyV)

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