Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

An expert says that we can not stop climate change but reduce the effects

An expert says that we can not stop climate change but reduce the effects

"We can not reverse or stop climate change, but we can reduce the effects and adapt to it", says the director of the Scientific Council of the French Agency for Biodiversity, Gilles Boeuf, who maintains that this will be achieved by "introducing a change" in the systems of consumption.

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In today's world there is a lack of "empathy" and it is necessary to harmonize, persuade and educate about "values ​​of ecology and nature" because "it is not a matter of going back to the past, but of changing behavior", as the young people ask, explains the French marine biologist, who is in Madrid, where he will give a conference on Monday at the French Institute.

The changes "we should have begun to realize them two centuries ago, with the entrance of the industrial age, as a Dutch scientist pointed out at the time," he says, because man has been modifying nature for a long time.

In France, "every year the extension of a department (administrative division in the neighboring country) of fertile soil" is lost, and the loss of biodiversity goes to "unimaginable rhythms".

It is necessary to "change behaviors, we can not continue with this rhythm of consumption," because "it is not normal," he says, the ranks of young people waiting on the asphalt when certain brands of mobile phones or digital devices announce the departure of new products. "How have you educated these young people?" He asks.

It is "much needed to impart knowledge related to water, nature, biodiversity or biological systems in the school", says this professor who directed the National Museum of Natural History and travels the world giving lectures in three languages, French, English, and in perfect Spanish, which dominates "because I live fifteen kilometers from the border with Catalonia".

You can not "imagine health without ecology", but everything has to have a "scientific basis, because I am a supporter of ecological science" and environmental groups would have "more success in having more scientific experts in their ranks".


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