March 4, 2021

An exhibition shows the mistreatment through the drawings of the smallest – La Provincia

The Commission for the Investigation of Ill-treatment of Women, in collaboration with the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), has launched a exhibition of drawings created by children of victims of gender violence, in which the minors themselves illustrate the situations of abuse they have experienced.

This compilation of drawings is part of the project 'Psychosocial Intervention with Minors', an initiative that the Commission began in 2003, observing the psychological care needs of those children who were direct victims of physical, psychological or sexual abuse, as reported by the aforementioned Commission.

The president of the Commission for the Investigation of Ill-Treatment of Women, Susana Martínez, explained that "this work was born with the idea of ​​raising awareness about the terrible effects that violence has on children who suffer it, and that it can not be expressed with words".

"Through their work we want to show how they see the process of violence, making them protagonists of their own history, in the best way they can tell us. "Thus, the exhibition will continue until August 30 at the Las Sirenas Civic Center, in the Alameda de Hércules, in the morning .

The creators of this project have developed a manual in which they defend the benefits of professional intervention with minors victims of gender violence. Thus, the work must not only be therapeutic to mitigate the effects of that violence, but also preventive, to "prevent the unequal model of relations between women and men from reproducing in the future".

In Spain, since 2013 a total of 28 children were killed and 243 were orphaned because of sexist violence, according to data from the Government Delegation for Gender Violence. Many have low self-esteem, depression, aggressive behaviors, feeding problems, and even drug use.

"Everything the child does has a meaning, is related to something that has happened to him, articulating it, giving shape to his actions and thoughts in another way, he can project it towards a future, towards a change of his own, going through and going through his uniqueness" , they have pointed.

To collaborate with this initiative, the Commission for the Investigation of Ill-Treatment of Women has put on sale a book that collects all the drawings of the exhibition. All proceeds will go to psychosocial intervention with minors victims of gender violence and the development of this itinerant exhibition.

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