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An exhibition hosts the 77 works of 'En Residència' in the Fabra i Coats for the first time

Una exposición acoge en la Fabra i Coats por primera vez las 77 obras de ‘En Residència’

The Center d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona - Fabra i Coats welcomes from today until next June 30 The exhibition Here hem trobat a espai per pensar
, a sample that occupies two floors of the center and that exposes the 77 works created during the nine editions of Creadors En Residència als instituts de Barcelona.

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The En Residència program, coordinated between Institut de Cultura (ICUB) and the Consorci d'Educació, has been operating for ten years invites contemporary artists recognized from different disciplines to work in a work together with a group of ESO students, throughout a school year, to develop in this way a joint artistic project.

Jaume Pitarch is one of the artists who participated in the program, in the school year 2016 - 2017, together with the students of the fourth year of high school Institut Moisès Broggi. His project was called
Aula d'Acollida
although in the first classes they worked silence. "There was a generational difference and I proposed to watch silent films, specifically Charlot, paperweaver, by Charles Chaplin, to work around that work, decoding it, "explains Pitarch. "There were students who entered the middle of the course and others disappeared. Others had a difficult situation at home but doing a slow job, becoming friends, they all ended up getting involved. "

Jaume Pitarch

He was one of the creators who participated in En Residència with fourth-year ESO students

As for his final work, the artist relates that there was a student in class, Qizhang, who was always alone and realized that in that institute there was no space of accompaniment for students who had arrived recently. "We continue working from that idea, a debate was created and there was a moment of inflection." Pitarch reinforced the idea in his students that they were in a public school and that they deserved the best and created the work from that invisible person, who is not being taken care of.

The piece is composed of some desks with a compass in the center that are oriented towards the north except for one of them, which is rotated and with the compass broken. That table, where Qizhang or any other solitary student could sit, "is looking north."

Sara Puig and Laia Martín, two students who participated in the creation with Pitarch, say that, on the one hand, they liked the experience because in class "many debates were opened, in those moments that we were already beginning to be aware of the problems of society, working with adult people helped you to be more critical, to create your own discourse. " On the other hand, in relation to art, both agree when saying that "the beauty of each contemporary piece is what lies behind".

In the inauguration they showed different actions carried out by the students

In the inauguration they showed different actions carried out by the students
(Center d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona - Fabra i Coats)

At the inauguration held yesterday, some of the non-tangible works could be observed in different areas of the factory, such as a performance, a poetic and musical recital and a dance show with a play of lights.


101 artists and more than 1,300 young people have passed through the program

Students participate actively in the creation process, from ideation to public presentation. They have already been able to benefit from the program more than 1,300 young people. Some of the contemporary creators who have collaborated and who exhibit their works in the exhibition, are Domènec, Jordi Mitjà, Àngels Margarit, Josep Pedrals, Lúa Coderch, Luz Broto and Maria Arnal.

Carles Giner, director of En Residència and coordinator of the Council of Culture of Barcelona, ​​indicates that the three main objectives of the program are "to put in contact the contemporary creation with the institutes", "to connect two systems, the cultural and the educational one, that traditionally have been given the back "and" help the transformation of everyone who participates. " Likewise, Giner explains that, over time, he has realized that he had added another objective, "to contribute to the opportunity of equality in terms of culture".

"When we started, in 2009 and working in three institutes, we were anecdotal, now we have been growing silently," says the director. Currently, a total of 101 artists have collaborated during these ten years - counting the 24 that are present in this edition - from different areas, among which the visual arts, music and dance stand out.


To put the processes of contemporary creation in contact with the institutes

In the program, apart from the students and the creators, the teachers also intervene, who are in charge of making sure that the educational part exists, and the mediation teams, who are responsible for making the guest fit with the institute and helping in production issues.

All the editions have included, at the end, a public presentation of the work. So all the works have already been exposed before, but what this exhibition entails is that, for the first time, all the works will be presented in the same space. The projects of this tenth edition will be presented from May 3 to June 21 in different museums, centers or cultural facilities of the city.

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