July 25, 2021

An exboxer dies in a croissant eating contest

An exboxer dies in a croissant eating contest

The exboxeador Argentino Mario Melo, of 56 years, died choking while he participated in the Medialuna Party of the Buenosairean locality of Pinamar, in which whoever ate the most amount of cruasane wons in a minute, confirmed health sources Efe today.

Melo was one of the participants, this Sunday, of a competition that consisted in ingesting all the croissants (as that product is called pastry in Argentina) possible in a minute, and after swallowing the third, according to his sister told local media, he vanished.

The first assistance was performed by a firefighter who attended the event as a spectator and the second was performed by a doctor from the Pinamar hospital who was out of guard, Pinamar emergency director Teodoro Maio told Efe.

In any case, Maio said that the emergency team, which remained at the event since Saturday when the celebration began, was also present at the time of the accident.

The four members of that device, when contemplating that the exboxerador -which suffered from diabetes- did not respond to the emergency maneuvers, he was transferred by ambulance to the hospital in an "unemployed" state, Maio said, where "all the necessary maneuvers were carried out. "

Melo, nicknamed 'Mazazo', who became a heavyweight champion in South America during the 1990s, died at the municipal hospital in Pinamar a little later.



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