An ex-model demands Cristiano for an alleged rape in Las Vegas in 2009 - La Provincia

An American ex-model, Kathryn Mayorga, accused the Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo of violating it in 2009 in a hotel in Las Vegas and later pressing it to sign an economic agreement and confidentiality, according to the demand consulted this Monday by the AFP.

Ronaldo, striker since this season of Juventus of Turin, denied it and affirmed that it was a "fake news" through a live story on his Instagram account.

"What they said today, lie, 'fake news' They want advertising at my expense, It's normal, they want to become famous, "the 33-year-old said in an entry on Sunday that he deleted later.

"The demand of Ms. Mayorga, the physical evidence of her sexual assault, answers to written questions about the sexual assault attributed to Cristiano Ronaldo, the communications and behavior of the 'team' that represents him, the circumstances surrounding the agreement and its confidentiality and the psychological damage suffered by Ms. Mayorga they are not fake news, "the exmodel's team of lawyers responded in a statement on Monday.

Mayorga, 34, who lives in Las Vegas, accused the soccer player of having penetrated her by force on June 13, 2009. a demand of 32 pagesHe filed last month in a Nevada courthouse.

The complaint emphasizes that Mayorga reported the assault on the Las Vegas police that same day, although without specifying the identity of the player, and was subjected to a medical examination at a local hospital, leaving her with "severe physical and emotional injuries" and a "severe depression".

A member of the Las Vegas police confirmed to AFP that the police had then treated Mayorga for "sexual assault" but that by not disclosing the name of the aggressor, neither the place nor the circumstances, the procedure did not proceed.

"About a month ago, the file was reopened", he added, without giving more details.

The complaint, whose copy has been transmitted to the AFP by its lawyers, is a civil procedure and not a criminal one.

In this way, it aims to recognize Ronaldo's civil liability in the physical and psychological consequences that the exmodelo claims to have suffered.

Mayorga assures in the lawsuit that she was pressured to sign a confidentiality agreement to keep the violation secret and now request $ 200,000 in damages.

Economic agreement and confidentiality

In the lawsuit, first made public by the German newspaper Der Spiegel, Mayorga explains that he met Ronaldo on the afternoon of June 12, 2009 at the Rain Nightclub of the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas and that he accepted an invitation to Join him and some friends in his penthouse suite to "enjoy the views" from the city.

Once there, they invited her to join a jacuzzi but she refused to not have a swimsuit, according to the lawsuit.

Ronaldo offered her some clothes and accompanied her to the bathroom so she could change. Once there, he broke into the room by surprise, and asked for fellatio. She refused and told him that she wanted to leave but the player pushed her on a bed and penetrated her while she shouted "no, no, no", always according to the demand.

"When Cristiano completed the sexual assault on the plaintiff, he allowed him to leave the room apologizing because he was usually a gentleman"says the document.

Due to the strong pressure he received from "representatives" of Ronaldo's environment, Mayorga agreed to close the case "in exchange for a payment of $ 375,000 and a confidentiality agreement" so as not to disclose the altercation, the lawsuit states.

The "representatives" of the soccer player, without being identified, were also named as "co-defendants".


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