An ex-director of Osasuna says he only paid a victory for Betis - La Provincia

The former director of Osasuna Jesus Peralta He said in the trial of the Osasuna case that the story offered by former manager Ángel Vizcay is "absolutely false" and has ensured that only one victory prevailed Betis al Valladolid in the 2013/2014 season to try to favor the permanence of Osasuna in First.

As he told the prosecutor's questions, at the end of the season "I am called to a meeting and the decision is taken to give priority to the Betis for beating Valladolid. "Peralta has said that no more money movements were raised. He has said that a draw against Espanyol "it was useless" Osasuna and has denied that Betis players will be paid to be allowed to win against Osasuna.

In the case of the Betis bonus for winning against Valladolid, "There was talk of 400,000 euros for Betis." "Mr. Vizcay offers to do it, to travel there, and I tell him that I can accompany him. Someone calls us, they tell us that if we can stay to talk. I don't know between players they speak, but I had no contacts in Betis , unless Vizcay had one, "he said.

In addition, Peralta has said that he does not know anything about the outflows of money from the club in May 2013, at the time when according to former manager Ángel Vizcay, money was used for the match size or to give priority to third teams.

Specifically, asked by the prosecutor about specific cash outflows such as 80,000 euros or 450,000 euros in May 2013, Peralta has responded: "No idea, I didn't participate, I didn't know him."

The former director said that he had no signature to reimburse money from the accounts "nor did I go to the bank, did not have a card, nor touched a euro, I couldn't make payments or collections. "

As he said, the need to justify was not discussed at the meeting refunds for 900,000 euros. "I did not touch the money or move it. While I have participated, nobody has said anything about this," he said.


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