An error in WhatsApp allows to recover deleted messages – The Province

An error discovered in the WhatsApp messaging application allows you to retrieve messages that had been deleted by the person who sent them, restoring them through the backup copies that the 'app' automatically performs.

As the British newspaper Mirror has warned initially,the error works only in very limited circumstances, when backups are carried out at 2 o'clock in the morning, at which time they are made in the default configuration of WhatsApp.

Through the 'bug', users can recover the deleted messages they received when they uninstalled and reinstalled the application. When it starts again, WhatsApp recovers the last backup and the deleted messages are visible again.

The application errormay be due to a problem with WhatsApp message tags, and takes advantage of the fact that deleted messages are not completely deleted. Restoring a backup, however, carries additional risks such as the loss of messages received after the data is saved.


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