March 7, 2021

An error in the new calendar puts the Islands at the forefront of vaccines – La Provincia

As promised by the Health Department last February, the vaccination calendar has been updated. But the document published yesterday in the Official Gazette of the Canary Islands (BOC) had an error: the alleged funding of the meningococcal vaccine A, C, W and Y at 12 months. An oversight that would have placed the Canaries at the forefront of vaccines in Spain, but that does not coincide with what was committed by the regional Executive, so that, finally, it will not be found in the official calendar.

Actually, this dose corresponds to the vaccination against Meningococcus C, but as Luis Ortigosa, president of the Canary Society of Pediatrics of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, argued, having confused it with tetravalent is an "interesting error". "This is what we wanted and we have been asking for for some time, but the Canary Islands have not yet accepted it," he explained. If this dose had actually been included in the portfolio of services, the archipelago would have been at the forefront of vaccination in Spain along with Castilla León, because the new calendar would have complete protection against all serotypes of meningitis, with which account this autonomous community.


"An annex has been inserted that was not the one that corresponded," he said. director of Public Health in functions, José Juan Alemán, who affirmed that yesterday was already being remedied. And it is that this error has been committed because both calendars (with and without the vaccination regimen of the tetravalent against the meningococcus at 12 months) have been on the table during the negotiation. In fact, as remarked by Alemán, the Canary Islands has been one of the communities that applied to include this dose of the tetravalent vaccine, but finally, it gave up to favor the change that will take effect in two months.

In any case, the modifications that the Archipelago has prepared for its immunization schedule place it at the top of the state. With this update, which commits 33% more of the budget currently dedicated to vaccines, children and adolescents in the Canary Islands will have two months of a tetravalent vaccine for meningitis at 12 years, three doses of meningococcal B vaccine – the famous Bexsero- at 3, 5 and 13 months of age, and the vaccine against the human papillomavirus (HPV) with nine oncogenic genotypes, six more than those provided until now.

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