April 10, 2021

An error in the MIR exam adds to the uncertainty of about 15,000 doctors – The Province

An error in the MIR exam adds to the uncertainty of about 15,000 doctors - The Province

A error in the making of the template of answers has in suspense to the more than 14,000 doctors who on Saturday afternoon took the exam to obtain a square MIR that gives them access to train as specialists. The test, of test type, consisted of 225 questions and 10 more of reservation. Each question offered four response options. The template had, in effect, 235 lines of boxes to place the letter of the chosen option. But in the numbering three faults were observed: the number 190 was repeated, and 191 was missing; 205 was repeated; and 207 was missing.

These errors in the template caused great uneasiness among the opponents as soon as they were warned. As every year, the exam had begun Simultaneously in 21 cities throughout Spain: at four p.m. Questions and questions began to arise in the classrooms across the country. The answer was to grant the opponents 15 more minutes – the official time was from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm – to take the test. Some 1,500 opponents took the exam on the Cristo campus of the University of Oviedo.

From the Academy MIR of Oviedo The concern for these errors has been expressed: "A correct answer more or less can condition several hundred posts up or down"What many opponents are asking is whether an error of this nature can be sufficient reason to cancel the test and order it to be repeated." It must be taken into account that most of the doctors who aspire to a MIR position are Spanish, but that this year the volume of Latin Americans had increased, with the difficulties that this would cause for a supposed repetition of the exercise.

The Ministry of Health does not seem to consider the option of a challenge forcing the test to be repeated. Sources of the Department that directs the Asturian María Luisa Carcedo they referred to what happened as "occasional errata". And they added that, when the judgments were known, "the appropriate instructions were given in a precise manner to the delegates in the different examination rooms to solve the problem". According to Health, the response arrived "quickly and quickly in the first moments of the exam so that the applicants were not affected in the normal development of the test."

What they were told, says Sanidad, was the following: "Duplicated question 190: they must answer question number 191 on the second line where 190 is repeated. Duplicate question 205: they must answer question number 206 in the second 205 of the answer sheet. Question number 207 does not appear on the answer sheet and is resolved in the one that corresponds to number 206. "Among the opponents, it is highlighted that the information given to them in some cities and in others, in some classrooms and in other It was very different, and that these disparities generated, in fact, inequalities that are not very compatible with the demands of a selective process driven by the Administration, according to Health, the information was transferred to the aspirants "verbally and in the classroom slates "

A striking aspect of the content of the examination was the inclusion of a question on homeopathy, one of the alternative health disciplines that is in the focus of the Ministry of Health.

The mistakes

191 missing

207 missing


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