An Eros goal puts Tamaraceite more leader – La Provincia

An Eros goal puts Tamaraceite more leader - La Provincia

Undeniable leader. One more week, the Tamaraceite put on the gala costume on the lawn of Juan Guedes and added a new triumph; the thirteenth of the season. On this occasion his victim was the Buzanada, a rival that did not put any type of facilities and that sold his defeat face. Only one goal from Eros, when the game was over, knocked down the people of Tenerife.

The first 45 minutes began with a clear dominance of the ball by the Gran Canaria team. However, this possession was not reflected in times of danger; since their rivals were well settled on the green. Borja Vera would be the first to hang around the visiting goal. It was the 10th minute, when the attacker tried his luck after a great personal action. Only a great stretch of Edwing prevented the both rose to the light.

Soon after, the pupils of Chus Trujillo would have an unbeatable double opportunity. Although neither Borja Vera, nor Eros, could score. Both met the inspired Tenerife goalkeeper, who kept alive his own despite local efforts.

After passing through the changing rooms, the match continued along the same lines. Possession was maintained for the locals, but the Buzanada approached the Kilian Arch with greater danger; although the attackers of the Tenerife table were erratic in their final decision making.

Faced with these errors visitors took advantage of the Tamaraceite. After the hour of play, Eros scored a pleasure center measured from the side of his teammate Borja Vera. Taking the delirium to the stands of Juan Guedes. From this moment on, the match became a constant round-trip in which the clear chances of goal shone by their absence. Finally, the points remained on the island of Gran Canaria and place the Tamaraceite even more leader.


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