January 26, 2021

An entrepreneur launches a luxury electric car – La Provincia

An entrepreneur launches a luxury electric car - La Provincia

An entrepreneur from Lanzarote has been the architect of the technology of the new luxury electric car of the Hispano Suiza brand. Emilio Mellado Arbelo, a native of Lanzarote, is the CEO of World Wide Mobility, a company that has made it possible to fully control this vehicle through its mobile application.

Behind World Wide Mobility, founded in 2016, besides Emilio Mellado Arbelo, there are Javier Galve Uranga (Pamplona) and Jorge Jurado Filippi (Guatemala). Mellado, who is the CEO of the company, studied aeronautical management and commercial pilot. After more than 3,000 flight hours and living in five different countries, in 2014 he decided to return to his native Canary Islands and launch his first company in the Archipelago, the App 'I want you to bring it to me'. Subsequently, he studied the Master in Internet Business (MIB) of ISDI, where he is currently a part-time professor, as in ESIC.

"We have made a big bet with Carmen", said Mellado about the new luxury electric car, which bears this name in homage to the granddaughter of the founder of Hispano Suiza. "The technology that we have developed for the re-launch of Hispano Suiza is an unprecedented fact: through the mobile or the watch we will be able to control the entire vehicle", he added.

Specifically, 'Carmen' is the first car on the market to use a technology that allows total control of the car from a mobile application. In addition, it is the first car not to have a physical key and is one of the main novelties of the Geneva motor show.



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