March 8, 2021

An English camp expels an eleven-year-old girl with special needs following the complaint of several parents

A Madrid family has publicly denounced the English school Diverbo for having expelled their daughter the second day, from one of the camps they organize, due to their special needs. The events occurred on the second day of the activity, allegedly after the complaints of some families of children who participated. The girl is 11 years old, she is called Inés and she has a "maturational delay of two years and inferior motor skills to her classmates", according to the medical diagnosis. The colonies are part of the program of the company called Pueblo Inglés, they are held for two weeks in Salto de Saucelle (Salamanca) and are aimed at children between seven and twelve years old.

The camp had begun on Friday, June 28 in the morning. Carolina Gómez, the mother of Inés, tells that about 23 hours of the same day, the coordinator of the activity called her for the first time to tell her that "she did not do with Ines because she had a strange behavior". As part of that "strange" behavior, he exemplified that "he took a long time to shower." Later, she received a second call informing that the mother of one of the two girls with whom Inés was going to share a room had complained to the coordinator of the program because her daughter was going to have to "take care of a disabled person. ", before what the coordinator said to Carolina find" between the sword and the wall. "

The next day, Saturday, and after several cross-calls between the family and those responsible for Diverbo, the camp management informed the family of Inés that she should be expelled because "they could not take care of her during the two weeks of the camp. " As always the story of Carolina Gómez, that Cadena SER has advanced, the reason given was that the fathers and mothers of the other girls complained because "their daughters are in an integration school" and "when summer comes they deserve to enjoy the camp without having to be with these children". The coordinator, says Inés, preferred to "eliminate any point of conflict."

When Inés' family arrived at Salamanca at 6:00 pm on Saturday to pick her up, the perpetrators added as a reason that she had to leave the child "not adapted to the level of English required in the camp." On the Diverbo website it is described that the activities scheduled for Saturday, the day that Inés returned home, were games in English, swimming pool and movies. has tried to contact up to three times with Diverbo. From the school they have collected the request but, at the time of publishing this news, they have not yet responded. Diverbo is a German language school that landed more than five years ago in our country and that organizes different activities in summer aimed at children and adults. As they define on their website, their name summarizes three ideas: dialogue, fun and, also, diversity. All of them "pillars on which our company philosophy and our learning methodology are based", in statements of one of the founding members collected on the web.

Reported three times

Carolina Gomez says she informed Diverbo on three occasions of Ines' needs. She summarizes them in that she simply "takes a little longer than the rest in assimilating the information she hears" but "it is enough to explain it more slowly or otherwise" so that she responds like the rest of the children. From Diverbo, according to Gomez, both when going to report on the colonies, and to pay the amount that cost those two weeks -1,600 euros for a promotion, as just before the bus left for Salamanca, they were assured that there was no no problem in which Ines participated in the colonies. During the course, Ines goes to a center of the Sacred Heart where she has a curricular adaptation, where she also does extra-curricular English classes.

The family of Ines describes the case lived in the "bullying" camps and accuses the coordinator of the colonies of negligence for having informed the girls who shared room with her that she was "disabled", after which the minors reported by phone to her parents and from it the complaints came back: "Before leaving, she asked me if I said it to my classmates and I told her not to joke, that would mean that she was labeled from the beginning and that they no longer saw her as an equal Ines shower alone and is autonomous, I was not going to have a problem. " It also points out to the families who protested, for a "lack of empathy and total lack of humanity".

By the afternoon of this Monday they had not yet been repaid the amount, although from Diverbo they ratified that it would be done immediately. To the girl, the instructor told him that "he had to go because he did not have the level of English necessary to do the activities, that when he had it he could come back". According to Carolina, the weekend was "gone" and asked if "it was my fault, not being normal." The 2019 was the third summer that Ines was going to be part of a camp, although the The first two were multi-adventure. "In September teachers have always told us how much they earn in independence and self-esteem."

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