An endless cataclysm – The Province

An endless cataclysm - The Province

The third goal of Cordoba portrays what is the UD Las Palmas. Only 13 seconds were enough, those that elapsed between Sergio Araujo pardoned the tie to two and Andrés Martín settled the match. In that brief lapse of time, the yellow box showed all its ills: its enormous lack of punching, its inability to press up successfully and, above all, its shameful defensive inoperativeness. The calamities back, once again, hid everything else.

And it was not little, because the UD, that had left to the rest with a defeat of the whole unjust, was to gain the party in the second part after the tie of Rubén Castro. The yellows endorsed in El Arcángel their improvement in the game against a vulgar team, penultimate in the table and with few arguments, but ended up with another bag of goals against away for their constant gifts: 12 in four games. A nonsense that has no end.

In the end, a 4-1 that stages the collapse of Las Palmas, which went from almost everything to the most absolute nothing in a matter of half an hour. Raul Fernandez, who was not for miracles, had to attend astonished the last three goals of the Andalusian team. His defense had given for Christmas a zambombazo in the small area and two hand in hand.

From the cataclysm in Córdoba are all indicated, from Paco Herrera, to whom faith has turned its back completely, to the players, pampered from above and to whom the attitude is not discussed, but who are not up to the club. And also to Ramírez and Knoll, who pulled the check book and spent the coach's bullet to finish by realizing that the fault lies with those who play.

The coach dared to sit Ruben, who had four games without seeing goal, to give a chance to Rafa Mir, which added three on the bench. It was the very little he had yet to prove. The strangeness of Rubén was evident. Alone, while the headlines warmed up over the green El Arcángel, he was seen lost, misplaced, without talking to anyone. Only the greeting of Nicolás Ortega to encourage him while everyone retired made him react. With his hands protected from the cold with yellow gloves, and tucked into his pockets, he might have wondered why he had to pay for the duck.

For the rest, the same alignment that pleased last weekend against Tenerife, that is, with Fidel and Blum in the extremes. In just four minutes, Las Palmas had already arrived twice clearly, both with German as the protagonist. Their centers did not find auctioneer, but almost. In any case, the two balls that put made it clear that the yellows had gone out for the game. The recipe, simple: openings to bands and centers.

Shortly after (9 '), Araujo made the first shot on goal of the UD. A bad pass from Vallejo at the start was taken by Ruiz from Galarreta to anticipate and give it to Chinese, who cut and looked, with thread, a goal by the squad. The Tenerife Carlos Abad, static, seemed to divert it with his eyes. By then, Las Palmas was the only team in El Arcángel.

The painting of Curro Torres woke up with a bad temper, with a shot to the stick of Jaime Romero, great footballer and the best of his team yesterday. He left Dani Castellano With such an astonishing facility that portrayed the twin and crossed the ball in search of the net, but ran into Raul's right post. In just 10 minutes, the Andalusians and the Canaries had given a good show.

The stick warned the UD. After the same, there happened a minute of Verdiblanco dominance, unleashed by the bands with the ceaseless ascents of Loureiro on the right and Javi Galán on the left. Precisely the southpaw, very motivated, maybe because the Cordoba prevented his signing for the island club last summer for asking a lot of money for him -was the first choice of the club and Manolo Jiménez-, started from behind and then give the ball to Jaime, whose shot went away brushing the post (21 ').

Las Palmas had lost control without really knowing why. Despite this, Rafa Mir enjoyed a great opportunity to overtake the yellows (26 '). Araujo received in the center of the field, turned around and put the ball in depth to Blum. His center, this time with destiny, found the head of Murcia, whose shot was stopped by Abad with a paradon. The Canarian opportunity confirmed that the match was characterized by an exchange of blows.

Goal and reaction

So much so, that the next that had the Cordoba, broke the 0-0. The play was tragic for the UD. After a two for one of Loureiro and Jaime against Dani Castellano, of the many that there was because all the good that Blum did in attack he forgot to do it in defense, the ball was at the end, he won a rejection to Creek. In that confusion, Dani gave away too much space and Romero found the perfect way to beat Raúl from close range, not without the ball, even, playing on the side (28 ').

After the blow, several arrivals of the UD with danger and without success showed their enormous lack of punching. At that, Herrera did not wait a minute to give access to Rubén Castro instead of the injured Blum -Rafa Mir went to the right and Fidel to the left- and the move came out round. Because the isletero, more motivated than ever, came out as a miura. The first one he had clear, he sent it inside. Araujo found him inside the area, where is the Monkey is lethal, and crossed the ball to put the tie (57 '). In those 12 minutes after the restart, the comeback was sensed. The Cordoba, unpublished above, was back, without reaction.

In the following danger play (64 '), Rubén himself left a rival in the area, passed to Araujo and only the quick intervention of the rear made the action, in ve of goal, ended in a corner. After it, TimorFrom the outside, he tried Abad, who stopped the ball in two stages.

But this UD Las Palmas is immersed in doom. Cordoba's response was tremendous, devastating. A hit above De las Cuevas, apparently without danger, caused panic in the yellow defense. First, David García lost his place and bailed fatally, and then, Lemos, with his back to the ball, he lost as Piovaccari, who had been in the field for a minute, controlled in front of him to shoot Raúl (66 ').

Seven minutes later (73 '), the collapse increased. From the tie to the third. Araujo, only before Abad, forgave what you can never fail: ball bouncing and about two meters from the goal. His shot was repelled by Tenerife with his foot and good luck and the punishment was brutal. It was not even a counterattack, because the yellow defense threw the offside so badly that a ball from Jaime from his field in depth was picked up by Andrés Martín to beat the Basque goalkeeper in the heads up.

It was the death of the UD. So much was stuck in his hole without end that Timor, again disastrous, lost a ball in the center of the field so that De las Cuevas, who took it off, gave it to Piovaccari. The Italian never imagined that it would be so easy for him to overtake David García in the race and to beat Raúl again, face to face. It was the rubric to a major disaster, to an endless cataclysm.


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