An emotional and festive Arstides Moreno approaches the 'Enchanted Patios' online' - La Provincia

The Canarian singer-songwriter Aristides Moreno will distribute energy 'online' in the initiative called 'Enchanted Patios' that promotes the House-Leon and Castle museum of Telde, on September 4, at 8:00 p.m. The public that wishes will follow his concert through the YouTube page of the aforementioned museum center dependent on the Ministry of Culture of the Cabildo Gran Canaria.

Arístides Moreno, "a kind of singer-songwriter", as he defines himself, recommends singing loudly in order to breathe better. He is a man of concerts more than records, although he recognizes that as energy transforms, he also travels through screens and hopes to reach the public in his next participation in the digital initiative of the Teldense museum.

He has worked with different dynamics and anticipates that in the concert he will present emotional and also festive themes from his long musical career. With lyrics of a social and critical nature, the singer promises, for the moment, not to talk about the covid, despite having already been asked for a song about it coronavirus: "now is not the time, people are tired and you can always talk about other topics along the way". Precisely the singer returned to the stage, after a brief hiatus, with the 101 Grass Band at the beginning of this year and due to the health crisis, the scheduled concerts were canceled. "A project that we had to stop but that we will prolong and of which we will record an album," he says excitedly Aristides Moreno, who also hopes to get a new job next year.

The seven concerts scheduled until September were recorded at the León y Castillo de Telde House-Museum and show, through the YouTube platform, and always at 8:00 p.m., the work of several Canarian singer-songwriters. The next scheduled appointment will be that of Jorge Santana, which will take place on September 18.


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