An EMA official affirms that there is a connection between the Astrazeneca vaccine and some specific cases of thrombi

The head of Vaccine Strategy of the European Medicines Agency, the Italian Marco Cavaleri has affirmed this Tuesday there is some "relationship" between rare cases of thrombosis and the administration of the vaccine against COVID-19 from AstraZeneca, although he has admitted that it does not they have established the causes. Cavaleri added, in an interview with Il Messagero collected by the ANSA agency, that the EMA will say "in the next few hours" that it has detected this connection.

“In my opinion, we can now say that it is clear that there is a partnership. What provokes this reaction, however, we do not know ”, declared Cavaleri while warning of a forthcoming EMA announcement about the relationship and repeated that“ we still have to understand how it happens ”.

The words of the EMA director came after the EMA endorsed the safety of the serum after studying the cases of thrombosis detected in people who had received this vaccine. The Agency concluded that the serum is safe and that a direct relationship between its administration and thrombi could not generally be established. He also added that cases of deep brain thrombosis - a rarer accident - would continue to be evaluated.

All in all, Cavaleri has insisted the risk-benefit ratio is still in favor of the vaccine. That is, administering the serum is better than not doing it despite the fact that there are specific cases where the vaccine may not be indicated. In this sense, the manager explained that, once this point is reached, the use can be assessed according to specific population groups: "Young women, who are often the protagonists of cases of thrombosis, suffer less from the effect of COVID-19 , therefore, we will have to assess the risk-benefit ratio for them. Not forgetting that young women also end up in intensive care due to Covid. Therefore, very meticulous work will be necessary to understand if the risk-benefit ratio is in favor of the vaccine for all ages ".


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