An «elevator» to finally reach Julen

An «elevator» to finally reach Julen

The drill that makes the vertical tunnel to try to rescue the child who fell into a well in the municipality of Totalán, in Malaga, will dig a few meters deeper by indications of the Hunosa technicians, according to LA RAZON sources have informed team that works in the rescue.

The reason is to drill the five meters vertical tunnel, which is intended to reach the place where it is supposed to be Julen, with a tilt from bottom to top. In this way, given that you have to work with pneumatic drills, picks and shovels, It is easier to remove the land, leave the tunnel clear and continue the work.

In addition, there is the hypothesis that the miners can find a stream of water that, in this way, would be easier to alleviate and, in case of danger, would give more time to the miners to return to the capsule -jail and climb to the surface.

The drilling rig had reached 45 meters by mid-afternoon yesterday, of the more than sixty that are to be drilled. The works are slower than expected since areas of very hard material have been found in a terrain that is already complicated in itself.

Ángel García Vidal, delegate in Málaga of the College of Engineers and coordinator of the Julen rescue operation, said that once the drilling is completed, the well would have to be jacketed, in what would take about five or six hours. After that, at the request of the Hunosa Brigade, the vertical gallery through which they will descend will be filled with some earth, in what is expected to use no more than two or three hours, to ensure their descent.

From that moment, the duration of the work will be determined by the materials that these specialists – "with a tremendous experience in rescues and execution of similar works" – find on their way. However, they estimate that it could be about 24 hours, since, manually, they will join the parallel cavity with the place where it is estimated that the child is to proceed to his rescue. When it occurs with the child, members of the GREIM of the Civil Guard will intervene, as well as in their capacity as specialists, as agents of the authority for the proceedings to be practiced.

While the driller continues its work, concreting works are carried out in the area to avoid landslides and rocks that could endanger the life of the rescue team members.

The cage-capsule that the miners and the agents of the GREIM will use to descend to the place where the horizontal tunnel is being dug is already near the drilling site. It measures 1,05 meters in diameter by 2,5 of height and has been designed by the technical director of the Provincial Fire Brigade of Málaga, Julián Moreno, and manufactured by blacksmiths of the province in Alhaurín de la Torre.

From the first moment, in addition to the rural agents and the GREIM, specialists from the Civil Guard of the GEAS (divers) and the GEDEX (Tedax) are in the area in case their immediate intervention is necessary, which until now , it has not been accurate.

A vehicle of the Special Group of Underwater Activities (GEAS) suffered an accident on the road that connects Rincón de la Victoria with Totalán. The two agents were able to leave the official car by their own means and were treated at the scene by health personnel.


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