Wed. Apr 1st, 2020

An elderly man with hypothermia trapped on a wadi in Taberno (Almería) is located

The Firemen of the Consortium of the Levante de Almería and the Civil Guard have located a 76-year-old man with hypothermia and the "edge of collapse" after being trapped by the rain on a ravine in Taberno (Almería).

As reported by the Firemen of the Consortium of the Levant of Almeria, the notice has been received that there was a person trapped with his vehicle on the Rambla 'Canales' of the Almeria municipality of Taberno.

Upon arriving at the place they have found the vehicle without any person inside, but after "an intense search" of "almost two hours" the man has been located "in a state of hypothermia and on the verge of collapse."

After alerting the health services, the old man has been transferred on a stretcher to an accessible place for the ambulance.

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