"An educational pact is not difficult, if there are no atavistic positions"

"An educational pact is not difficult, if there are no atavistic positions"

The Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, said Sunday that although in the electoral campaign no party has proposed to reach a pact for education in Spain, it would not be difficult to do so if no training "maintains atavistic positions."

Celaá has made these statements in an act of the campaign of the PSOE, in Logroño, where he stressed that in the elections on April 28 "we play a model of country" because after nine months of government "that have been the prologue" comes the moment of "writing the chapters of the book to propose a formula for Spain to position itself as a contemporary, pro-European country open to the world".

Within the model advocated by the PSOE, "education is capital, it is the basis" because "we do not know to what world young people are going to leave or what jobs and technologies they will face", since "the only reality that exists is the change".

Celaá has considered that in the electoral campaign "there are parties that do not want to talk about education" and "others use mantras" and has given as an example "the occurrence that a subject of the Constitution is needed" -powered by Citizens- "when it is taught in primary, secondary and high school ".

Another "mantra", he has accused, is "constantly talking about languages, although with a speech that they then modulate, as did the PP in Vitoria", because "they first speak Spanish for everyone and at all times and then, when they are in the place, they refer to the co-official languages ​​".

Regarding the possibility of moving towards an educational pact between the parties, he believes that "now, neither in that, nor in anything, is it possible, because each force handles its perspectives exclusively".

But he has defended that "it is not difficult at all to reach a pact, if the interlocutors direct their objectives to the contemporary educational currents in Europe".

"But if atavistic positions are maintained, which correspond to the past century instead of writing future paths, there will be no way", said the minister, who has alluded directly to proposals to "make revalidations or classifications of centers", which does not share the PSOE "because they suppose returning forty years ago".

In any case has stressed that "there is room for agreement with all parties, if they put as interlocutors to people who know the educational system" and although "it is true" that "there are ideological issues" in this field "do not correspond properly with the educational corpus. "

Among these ideological issues, he cited as examples the subject of religion or the financing of concerted centers "which are things in which particular votes can be established", but "safeguarding the central ground for agreements".


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