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From left to right, Bernardo Salom, Manolo López, Kevin Rosales, Sebastián Hernández and Simón Farías, at the RSD Canarias act.. / A.M

The General Directorate of Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands presented one of the many projects of RSD Canarias; educational audiovisual material on boats and waffles

It was before. And as a means of work to earn a living in the bay of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, when
latin sails appeared on the horizon, admiring those who were on the mainland the skill of the sailors to handle themselves in the sea and reach their shelters. But, it was in
1904, 118 years alreadywhen there is evidence of the first Canarian lateen sailing regatta, on the occasion of a sports competition framed in the San Cristóbal neighborhood festivities.

Since then people have talked about vernacular sport, they have worked with it, they have enjoyed the successes of
Alcaravaneras Unionto name one, rivalries are generated, those drawbacks of the Minerva and Morales, the two and three of the fleet! Sponsors appear and life goes on, sometimes not as smooth sailing as one would like, but , resisting, just as those who
they went out to look for daily sustenance in the 19th century.

With all this, last weekend, the
General Directorate of Sports of the Government of the Canary Islands It gave a new impetus to this sport, the Canarian lateen sail, which has two branches, the wafers and the boats, which differ in their characteristics, techniques and handling.

The Varadero of the Canarian Latin Sailing Federation was the stage to present the audiovisual educational material of twelve minutes of introduction to the sports of waffles and boats. /


The body that leads
Manolo Lopezwho was goalkeeper of the
UD Las Palmas and of
C.D. Tenerife in the 80s and 90s, has included a wonderful audiovisual work, enriched by the opinions and contributions of sailors seasoned in the competition, in which the details of both types of boats and those that surround them are broken down, from the trade winds to the work of the
women and men inside these boats that leave no one indifferent when they glide through the waters off the coast of the Canary Islands.

It is one more piece of the macro project that is RSD Canarias, that is to say, the commitment to
create a line of work to break down social responsibility applied to the vast universe of sport in the eight Canary Islands where if something is lived with great passion it is sport. Sixteen branches have this initiative to make sport on the islands visible as a fundamental element in the sustainable development of the Canary Islands, promote active citizenship and increase the level of sports practice.

Thus, in the Varadero of the Canarian Federation of Canarian Latin Sailing (
FVLC), in it
Sports Pier of Las Palmas de Gran Canariathis audiovisual material was presented on the Canarian lateen sail that will end up entering the schools of all the islands to continue sowing the seed of one of our traditional sports.

Along with Manolo López, the president of the Federation of Wafers of Gran Canaria,
Simon Farias, and Bernardo Salomof the FVLC, in addition to a wide representation of the crew members of the different boats and boats that are currently active in the competitions.


Tribute to two nineties, Porteño and Tomás Morales

In addition, this presentation act was used so that the General Directorate of Sports gave a symbolic distinction to two historic boats such as the Porteño, which has the number one on its sail, revitalized and in action, after a few years of capsizing, and the Poet Tomás Morales, with the number 3 next to his mast. The two were enrolled in 1932 and are therefore celebrating their 90th birthday. Sebastián Hernández, a historic porteñista, represented his boat, and Kevin Rosales, patron of the Poeta, collected the distinction from Manolo López.

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