August 7, 2020

An earthquake of magnitude 4.5 shook the Italian province of Florence

An earthquake of magnitude 4.5 on the Richter scale shook the Italian province of Florence (center) tonight, causing no casualties, but causing damage to some buildings and fear among the population.

The main shock, after some minor ones, took place at 4.37 local time (3.37 GMT) and its epicenter was located about 25 kilometers north of Florence and at a depth of 9 kilometers, the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) reported. ).

There have been no fatalities or injuries, but there have been significant damage to some buildings in the most affected locations, Scarperia San Piero and Barberino del Mugello, in the middle of the Apennine Mountains.

Hundreds of people have spent the night on the street for fear that their homes would collapse, alerting Civil Protection teams.

Therefore, schools have been closed in some of these locations such as Borgo San Lorenzo, Marradi, Barberino and Vicchio to assess the damage, as well as the high-speed line that passes through Florence was suspended for some hours.

"A lot of fear, people have taken to the streets because the tremor has been very strong. But for now the information received from the first evaluations does not seem to have been significant damage," said Scarperia San Piero Mayor Federico Ignesti.

The earthquake has been noticeable throughout the area, including in the capital of Tuscany, Florence.

In the hours before this earthquake there were another twenty-five earthquakes of magnitudes between 1 and 3.4.

The area, in the middle of the Apennine mountain range, is characterized by a "high seismic danger" and has already suffered earthquakes in the past, notes the INGV, as it was a century ago in Mugello, on June 29, 1919, which caused more than a hundred dead.

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