October 28, 2020

An earthquake of 4.4 degrees wakes up Navarra at midnight

It was two minutes after midnight when the earth shook in Navarra. A strong earthquake, which has had several subsequent aftershocks and which has awakened many citizens of Pamplona and its Region who were already asleep and frightened others who were still awake. It was an earthquake of 4.4 degrees on the Richter scale, according to the estimates of the National Geographic Institute, with an epicenter in Lizoain, less than 20 kilometers from the capital of Navarra, and 5 kilometers deep, which has felt notoriously in many areas of the Autonomous Community and even in neighboring communities such as Euskadi, Aragon or La Rioja.

Specifically, in Navarra it has been noted in Pamplona, ​​Burlada, Egüés, Elcano, Gorraiz, Labiano, Larragueta, Monreal, Noáin, Sarriguren, Aoiz, Artica, Villava, Zuasti de Lónguida, Ansoáin, Barañáin, Beriáin, Cildoz, Cizur Menor, Cordovilla, Elizondo, Esquíroz, Huarte, Ilarratz, Isaba, Mutilva Alta, Mutilva Baja, Olaz, Ubani, Úcar, Urdániz, Uzquita, Zizur Mayor, Olagüe, Badostáin, Berriozar, Estella, Garralda, Lesaka, Obanos, Orkoien, Tajonar and Tudela . It has also been felt in the province of Zaragoza, in the capital itself, in Colonia San Lamberto, in Tauste, and in Ejea de los Caballeros. Likewise, in the province of Huesca, it has been felt in the capital, in Jaca, Monzón, Barbastro and Salas Altas. And also in La Rioja, in Logroño and in Rincón de Soto.

The first tremor, registered at 0:02 in the morning, has been followed by several less intense aftershocks, but they have also been felt in Pamplona. The strongest, 2.7, 2.2 and 2.1 degrees. It is not the first earthquake to hit Navarra so far this year, in fact in the last week, according to the IGN, 44 tremors have been registered, amounting to 173 in the last month. However, this was the strongest and the one that lasted the longest, about ten seconds. The National Geographic Institute has cataloged it on its highest scale, with the color red, those that exceed 4 degrees on the Richter scale. Since there are records, the strongest earthquake in Navarra occurred in 1903 and it was 5.5 degrees. The following in this ranking of the Autonomous Community reached 4.5 degrees, only two tenths more than that registered this Thursday.

Within seconds of the earthquake, social media activity has become frantic, especially on Twitter, where people have begun to share their experiences. “The building has danced,” Frances commented. Many others related how the shaking had awakened them from the fright and others, how because of the shaking they have been slow to fall asleep.


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