An attack with cannons of First

Sandro Ramírez, new signing from UD Las Palmas. / C7

With the signing of Sandro Ramírez-he arrives in Gran Canaria this Friday-, plus Vitolo, Jonathan Viera and Moleiro, the yellow team strengthens its offensive line with proven forwards

PETER GARCIA The Gran Canarian palms

UD Las Palmas prepares its cannons for the battle of the League.
With the arrival of Sandro Ramírez, scheduled for today, Fridayplus Vitolo, the yellow team enhances its line of attack with proven forwards, who have preferred to play in Las Palmas to continue in First clubs occupying a secondary role.

A squad that has players of the stature of Jonathan Viera, Moleiro, Vitolo, Sandro, -waiting to make their signing official-
Marc Cardona, Pejiño, Álvaro Jiménez, and even Benito, plus the progress of the youth squad Ale García, or Elejalde is called to become one of the strongest teams in the category. The best defense is always a good attack, and this season the team led by García Pimienta has experienced players who will have to make a difference with the opposing goal. The story with the goal must begin in the next match, that of La Rosaleda de Málaga. At the start of the league, UD created chances in their confrontation with Real Zaragoza, but their score remained zero.

They left
Jesé Rodríguez, Sadiku, Rober, Peñaranda and Rafa Mujica, soccer players with scoring records of little importance. It is true that the former Real Madrid striker signed some important streaks in his two spells in yellow, but he did not finish convincing his goalscoring ability. Marc Cardona, Álvaro Jiménez, Vitolo, and
Sandro, who will wear the '9', after the separation of Ale Díez, without ruling out one more addition to the offensive line. And Pimienta's intention is for Sandro to make his debut next Monday in Malaga.

Since the new 2022-2023 sports project began to be drawn up, both the president
Miguel Ángel Ramírez, as sports director Luis Helguera, they were clear that the line of attack had to undergo a transformation and remodeling to make a difference. Adjusting to the wage bill and aware of the cost of scoring in the vast majority of major leagues, an economic effort has been made to reconvert the offensive line of a UD Las Palmas team that is seriously looking for a clear goal. Vitolo and Sandro, players with a First Division profile, are clear examples of the intentions of this UD Las Palmas. They had financially better offers, but they have preferred to go down a step and bet on the ambitious and exciting yellow project.

The first signing of this new project was
Mark Cardona, a forward trained at FC Barcelona, ​​whom Piemienta knows well and who in his last stage barely scored two goals in his career in the Dutch Eredivisie. In preseason he did not debut as a scorer, but he started in the first game playing 85 minutes. He didn't score.

As the days go by, the UD eleven will change for the better. Vitolo is close to meeting his recovery deadlines. The knee responds better. Pejiño will be available for matchday three, at home against Andorra, once he completes his two qualifying matches. In all lines, the sports management has achieved maximum competition in each position, from the goalkeeper to the last striker. The
1-4-3-3 Pepper it conforms to the profile of players chosen for the new project.

Jonathan Vera he had assumed this scoring role in recent seasons. Top gunner in the previous exercise is confident that this year he will have the help of Alberto Moleiro, who is required to have more presence in the area. In the quarry there is also a goal.
Ale Garcia He is one of the most trusted youngsters in the house. He lacks continuity and will definitely explode. In the preseason he already showed that he wants to make it difficult for Pimienta. not forgetting to
Pejinoskilful player, vertical dribbling and goal.

From the departure of forwards who recently left their mark on the club;
Marcos Marquez, Sergio Araujo and Ruben Castro, the Canarian team had had a hard time finding a footballer who identified with the goal. Morete, Koke Contreras, José Juan, Orlando Suárez, Turu Flores, are some historical soccer players who wore the number 9 on their backs and gave meaning to the word goal in the old Insular Stadium.

In the three seasons in the top flight there were three different scorers. In 2016-2017, Jonathan Viera scored 10 goals. the following season,
Prince Boateng He finished the League as the team's top scorer with 10 goals as well. The year of relegation, Argentine Jonathan Calleri scored 12 goals, figures below a club that always had a 'matador'.

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