An association revalues ​​the legacy of Fernando Guanarteme - La Provincia

An association revalues ​​the legacy of Fernando Guanarteme - La Provincia

A new association, with the name of Fernando Guanarteme, Canary King, begins his career in the Canarian society with the intention of revaluing and studying everything that concerns the truth about the figure of the caudillo and Aboriginal Gran Canaria. Its board of directors, accompanied by the representatives of the companies that collaborate, and some of the partners, explained yesterday, in the Yacht Club, what will be its activities, which will be civic-cultural, and which will focus on studying and deepening on the human and historical figure of this character.

For now, the first initiative consists of the publication of a magazine that the newspaper LA PROVINCIA / dlp will give free to its readers this Sunday and where different articles are included related to the one who was King of Gáldar during the Spanish conquest. The president of the association, Alfredo Schamann Ramos, clarified that the main purpose of the association will be to focus on "Fernando Guanarteme having the pedestal he deserves for its history and greatness", adding that the members that make it up are really "a group of friends who want their legacy to progress on the island of Gran Canaria. " Schamann made the remarks in a presentation in which he was accompanied by the members of the board of directors Alejandro del Castillo and Ángel Ruiz y Quesada; the members of the board of directors and, in turn, also representatives of the co-sponsoring companies, Francisco Marín del Real Club Náutico, Sebastián Grisaleña de Grisaleña and Ángel Medina de Spar; the representatives of the companies Pedro Peña de Rodrigonza and Nayra Afonso of Flick Canarias, and the partners Cristóbal Cabrera, Moisés Tejera, Miguel Bernal, Jose Manuel León, and Manuel Sánchez Palacios, among others. The president of Satocán, Miguel Sanjuan could not attend because he was at that time in Fitur in Madrid.

Alfred Schamann He recalled that the association intends to "promote, transmit, teach and disseminate the life and history of Fernando Guanarteme", which, according to his words, was interested and fought "for the good of the future of the Canarian people", for what is considered "the first man of peace and aboriginal statesman of our island history, "he added.

The president of the association unveiled some of the most interesting articles that readers can find in the copy given by THE PROVINCE. One of them is a list of the 500 Canarian surnames, Spanish and foreign, Castilianized in the islands, "and that 75% are relatives of Fernando Guanarteme," he said.

"There are also other documents that we interpret as important as the archeology of the Canaries or about the importance of Castillo de Mata". Schamann recalled that "all this corresponds to the year 1478, when America had not been discovered, and that is why we understand that Fernando Guanarteme is the peacemaker who, in some way, achieved the goal of ending slavery by Christianizing the Canary Islands, and with that he got our people to be free and that that goal would reach our people immediately. " The magazine will include a founding decalogue with ten sections and a declaration of intentions in which the cultural, economic and social objectives of the association are included.


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