July 30, 2021

An Argentine prosecutor asks to ratify the detention order to Cristina Fernández

An Argentine prosecutor asks to ratify the detention order to Cristina Fernández

The Argentine prosecutor before the Chamber of Appeals, Germán Moldes, today requested ratification of the petition for detention against the former president and senator Cristina Fernández (2007-2015) for the cause of an illicit association to collect bribes from businessmen, and supported the resources of others fiscal.

As Judge Claudio Bonadio did, who instructed the case, Moldes considered that "the head of the illicit association is undoubtedly Cristina Elisabet Fernández" and that, when the resolution is confirmed, Judge Bonadio must submit a petition "and there must proceed to the immediate arrest" of Fernandez, said in statements to the local channel TN.

Last September, Bonadio signed the indictment against the exmandataria and brought to light the details of an investigation that was accelerated at the beginning of last August with the appearance of notebooks in which a driver of a former Kirchnerist official noted movements of money of bribes.

A few days later, the Argentine Prosecutor's Office, led by prosecutors Carlos Stornelli and Carlos Rívolo, asked to extend to 913 the supposed bribes that a judge accuses Fernández of, and requested the arrest of more businessmen involved in the case.

That is the appeal that this Thursday backed Moldes, who indicated that the businessmen Carlos Wagner, Ernesto Clarens and Gerardo Ferreyra and the former Secretary of Public Works, José López, should be "categorized as organizers because they have a more preponderant role", although so far they appear in the case as "simple members of the illicit association".

"With the central spirit of that resolution, the public ministry agrees in both instances, but we do not agree on some things that are not at the center of the issue but that prosecutors asked for them in my time and I support them," he added.

Moldes referred to that, from his office, consider it "clear" that some elements that were qualified as gifts in the case are really bribery crimes.

"The gift is a gift of kindness, I want to look good with someone, instead the bribe is a bribe (bribe) because it is an organization between employers and officials to obtain public works contracts," said the prosecutor.

In order for the former government head to go to prison, Judge Bonadio has to ask for the impeachment – she already requested it for another cause last December but for the moment it did not prosper, and in the case of bribes she left it at the expense of a House Superior confirms it- and then the Argentine Senate, of which Fernández is a member, must approve it.


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