An arbitrator denounces racist insults to Brayan, from San Fernando - La Provincia

An arbitrator denounces racist insults to Brayan, from San Fernando - La Provincia

Last Sunday's match between the Union Port and the San Fernando He left something more than a victory for those from the south of Gran Canaria (1-2), and not exactly pleasant. The referee from Tenerife Daniel Clemente reflected in the minutes a series of racist insults to Brayan, Sanfer footballer, by a small sector of the stands. This finding, however, contrasts in large part with the versions of both clubs and even the player himself. According to the same, the collegiate was the only one who heard some of the expletives that he pointed out.

In one paragraph, Clemente wrote the following: "racist insults. In the 84th minute the game was stopped because, from the opposite side of the dressing room, expressions such as 'black shit, Wakaso, get out of here' or 'what are you going to do here, fagot', towards the player number 16 Brayan Stiven Ibarguen Fajardo, from the UD San ​​Fernando club. It was proceeded to warn the situation to the field delegate, who then warned by the public address system to stop these comments, and may continue the game without further incident.

Pepe Santana, delegate of Union Port, representative team of the capital of Fuerteventura, denies that the events occurred as the referee says. "There is a problem and that is that these insults did not exist." The referee, first, lying in the minutes saying that he stopped the game for a few minutes, which did not happen. "Second, the lineman was the one who approached the field delegate to tell him to transmit the message over the public address, not the referee ", he says.

But the capital club clings on to what the members of the San Fernando they tell him. "The delegate, Tomás Alfonso, he told us that the player had told him that he never heard anything of racism, that the only expression he heard was' come Wakaso - a black football player who played in the UD Las Palmas and now militates in the Alavés- ' There was nothing else, "he says.

That version, in addition, corroborates Santi Hidalgo, sports director of the Gran Canarian entity and exporter of the team until last season. "The player told me right after finishing the game that Wakaso had told him, the other one did not listen to him, the referee heard it and that's why he put it on the record, and at no time did the player tell me he had been called ' black shit '. He did confirm what I had heard, that he had been called 'Wakaso', sentence.

BrayanFor his part, he says that what happened was "What the referee put, more or less, something like that was, I did not hear it very well". What is clear is that "it was a minority, not many people, only a group that was there." "I do not give it much importance because after all you're getting used to it, it's sad, but well, there are ignorant people., he says.

The delegate of Union Port, asked about the possibility that the referee could have listened to the comments that he reflected in the minutes, even though neither he nor any member of the San Fernando he will listen to them, insists that the most reliable version is that of the player himself. And he adds: "The delegate-del Sanfer- He told me that his own classmates call him black. It could be that some partner said 'black' and that the referee believed that he was a spectator, that at that moment he could have been saying 'fuck you', which can also be. I can not find another explanation. "

To reinforce your theory, Santana sentence: "My wife was in that tier and assures me that the only thing that was said was 'Wakaso', never 'black shit.' In any case, such an expletive, according to the San Fernando sports director, Santi Hidalgo, had made it before the minute 84, when the referee from Tenerife detected it. "I heard about Wakaso about the minute 20-25 of the second part, while Bryan He warmed up in the band before entering. "" It was the only thing I heard, the rest is up to the referee, "he insists.

Brayan Ibarguen, Colombian, defensive midfielder and 21, says it is not the first time he has received mockery or insults for the color of his skin. "It also happened to me when I was younger", remember. Formed in the quarry of Hurricane, arrived at San Fernando last summer after playing a season in the San Mateo Pulido Bakery. Ensures that when you despise from the stands goes through the head to leave the field. Therefore, he sends a message to all those who come to watch a football match: "Enjoy the game, we are all the same".


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