Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

An app to protect the privacy of our social networks

Lanzan una aplicación para blindar la privacidad de nuestras redes sociales

The Privacy on social networks like Facebook Y Twitter It has become a real headache for everyone. And is that although these platforms have privacy settings so we can decide who sees and who has access to our profile, these have proved insufficient. Now, a new application for iOS call Jumbo try to improve the management of our privacy in the networks.

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Jumbo is a privacy assistant that cleans our social profiles and protects privacy to avoid compromised situations, such as the reappearance of a treacherous tweet published years ago or the appearance of a photograph that we may not want to see now.

Although this application meets the limitations imposed by social platforms, it can become a really useful tool for anyone who wants to reduce the amount of data left on the social network.

The creator of Jumbo is Pierre Valade, creator of the Sunrise Calendar app. Valade started developing this new privacy application after Sunrise was sold to Microsoft. "The climate around privacy changed completely last year," Valade told The Verge.

Valade refers to the data scandal of Cambridge Analytica, which put the issue of privacy on the table and alerted us to how the management of our private data is an important issue. Given this, Valade and his team of six people began to develop an application that they expect to act as a "digital lawyer, a data fiduciary" who manages the configuration of privacy on our behalf.

At the moment, Jumbo is available on iOS, although it is planned to also appear a version of Android. The app allows us to manage privacy for now on Twitter and Facebook, Google searches and Amazon's Alexa. In the future, Jumbo plans to manage privacy on Instagram and Tinder.

In the case of Twitter, Jumbo allows us to clean tweets published in specific periods of time. For example, we can decide that our tweets disappear after a month, so that they become ephemeral publications and we do not have to worry about whether these tweets will reappear in a few years.

The Twitter password is stored on the iOS keychain, not the Jumbo app, as part of the company's effort to gather as little information as possible about its customers. To erase the tweets just touch the "Start cleaning" button, and Jumbo will delete them. Due to restrictions with the Twitter API, Jumbo can only remove your last 3,200 tweets.

With regard to Facebook, the application goes through the 40 configurations of the company and changes them to limit the visibility of our publications. Jumbo offers a "weak", "medium" and "strong" privacy setting. The configuration of the medium makes most of your profile information available only to friends; the strong configuration makes most of that information visible only to us.

Jumbo can also limit the amount of time that Google stores your search results, and you can delete voice recordings that Amazon store of our use of Alexa. In the future, Jumbo could allow it to clean up Instagram's public posts and eliminate Tinder's conversations.

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