An anti-vaccine dies after attending a party to become infected with coronavirus

A 55-year-old man has died after attending a ‘coronavirus party‘in Italy, where he tried to contract the disease in order to obtain the covid passport, which is mandatory in many communities in Spain and in more and more countries to be able to carry out leisure and restaurant activities.

The man passed away last week in Austria, after having contracted the coronavirus at one of those parties which was held in the Italian city of Bolzano, in South Tyrol. In addition, after also attending similar celebrations in the country, three other people are hospitalized, and two of them are admitted to intensive care.

The Bolzano Prosecutor’s Office (Northern Italy) has opened a research on the so-called crown parties, a practice that has become fashionable, especially among young people, to catch the coronavirus with the intention of overcoming the disease and being able to obtain the health certificate.

Is about private parties in which at least one of the participants is a carrier of the virus and that have become fashionable in the Alto Adige region, one of which currently has the highest numbers of virus infections in the country and where opposition to vaccines is deeply rooted among the German-speaking community, according to the local media.

The intention of the participants is to become infected to overcome the COVID-19, one of the criteria – along with vaccination and negativity – to obtain the health certificate and that in Italy is mandatory for work and leisure.

In a closed room, with a positive person of the Delta variant, between 5 and 10 people can easily be infected in one night (…) We are talking above all about young people who, concerned about the possible restrictions for those who do not have the ‘Green Pass’ (health certificate) thus try to get immunization, “according to Patrick Franzoni, vice-coordinator of the Covid unit in Bolzano .

In the zone The hoax circulates that young people can be immunized safely by letting themselves be infected, he told the media, explaining “many are convinced that it is just a flu,” but “there are long-term consequences and they too can end up in hospital.”

In fact, the crown festivals have caused, for the moment, the hospitalization of three people and two of them are in Intensive Care Units and the Bolzano Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation, according to the information channel skytg24.

This practice, widespread in Germany and Austria, has even involved elementary school children, whose anti-vaccine parents lead them to meet with COVID-positive to develop contagion and immunization, Franzoni revealed.

Although all regions of the country are classified as a “white zone”, without restrictions due to the coronavirus, the northern regions fear shortly an increase in limitations due to the increase in cases in Alto Adige, Friuli-Venezia-Julia, Veneto, Ligura and Valle d’Aosta.

The situation has led regional governors to request an urgent meeting with the Government to study the adoption of new restrictions, and among them the supporters that these limitations affect only those who are not vaccinated or who do not have a health certificate predominate.


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