An animalist organization denounces Colau for the bitch shot down

An animalist organization denounces Colau for the bitch shot down

The National Foundation A Salvo has decided to file a criminal complaint for the death of Sota, the bitch of a homeless sold in the street, on 18 in Barcelona shot by the shots of an agent of the Guàrdia Urbana. For its part, Ada Colau, after receiving many messages through social networks, has asked tonight through a statement on Facebook to potential witnesses, who are willing to testify, to contact the City Council or to go directly to the court.

The mayor addresses his message to "all the good people who question me about the death of Sota" and after describing the fact as "horrible", says that "we will do everything in our power to clarify what happened in a research that remains open. " To do so, he asks "those who have witnessed the incident in situ should contact the City Council, through the e-mail [email protected] or if they prefer to file a complaint directly in the court".

Colau's request comes one hour after some 3,500 people gathered in front of the Barcelona City Hall to demand that responsibilities be cleared and justice done with Sota. The assembled have asked, among other things, to change the protocols of action of the agents and to give them animal training to all whether they are from the canine unit or not.

The official version of the Police assured after the facts that a dog with "appearance of potentially dangerous" attacked and bitten in the arm to a local police when it went to identify its owner and when being in danger it was forced to use its weapon regulatory. Other versions insist that the dog barked at them when she saw that half a dozen agents were immobilizing their owner and one of them unholstered his gun and shot him in the head at point-blank range. Internet users have broadcast a video that has gone viral in which the dog is seen agonizing on the ground, wagging its tail and looking at its owner the last seconds of his life.

Colau points out that "Not only must we know what happened and how, but to prevent it from happening again in the future, improving the necessary protocols of action" and assures that the City Council will go to the end "that the case of Sota it happens again, neither in Barcelona, ​​nor in any other place ".

The mayor announced that they are tracking the surrounding cameras in search of more images, because we must first clarify what happened, with evidence on the table, and depending on the truth, take appropriate measures. For this reason the City Council has contacted an independent veterinarian for the necropsy (animal autopsy) of Sota.

According to the municipal leader, "all the images we have seen so far are after the episode itself. This is one of the difficulties of the investigation. For this reason it does not serve as documentary evidence a testimony that relates to having witnessed what happened and that circulates through social networks, "and concludes that animals suffer and have suffered for too long different forms of abuse that have been considered" acceptable "by our society . That is changing and it is good news. There is still a lot to do, but the government of Barcelona takes animal rights very seriously, we understand that the world is as much ours as ours and we oppose animal cruelty or mistreatment. "


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